Magic in Danger .... !!!

Sep 13, 2009
Brooklyn, NY
The way I perform, 99% of the routine is patter. The other 1% is the actual effect. If you perform that way, a spectator will recognize 2 identical effects as 2 extremely different miracles.

Or, you can do tricks he will almost definitely not perform, like gaff effects. Or effects involving gaff cards or coins. Or you can be creative and come up with original material that is not on YouTube.

Or, of course, as other forum members have suggested, you can help him learn and grow by helping him build a solid foundation, and then take it from there.
Dec 7, 2008
UK, Birmingham
learn some more complex effects and show him ones he will never be able to do (i dont mean dan and dave level ethier) and that might make him want to fix this skills or ask u for help. help him out or atleast tell him to do it right
Dec 30, 2009
i happen to enjoy the biddle trick myself, its completely impromptu and hard hitting, and if you dont want people to know how its done then dont call it the biddle trick, back before i really got into magic done correctly, when i was getting tricks off youtube, i searched youtube all over for tricks and because i didnt know it was called the biddle trick i never really found it,

i found one guy doing it incorrectly, and i tried it the way he did it on my friend and she caught it right away, i baught a dvd with it on it and learned the right way, and did it on the same person, she freaked out, then i was looking for other presentations on youtube by typing biddle trick and thats when i found it, so my point is, the biddle trick is hard hitting and not too easy to find if you dont call it the biddle trick, so why not use it? works good for me

i used it the other day along with a trick called j wild from a guy named Matthew hampel i got off his card in cake dvd, they freaked out just as much from the biddle trick as j wild, and one guy was insisting that j wild was impossible and had to be real magic lol

have i been in magic for a long time? no. am i the best in the world? not by a long shot. but i do know that when people are freaking out and asking for more, its gotta be a decent effect
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