Magic in Geometry

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  1. WTF!!!??? thats pretty good.
  2. The second video I think I can explain
    Its simply math:

    the way the outer part of the square doesn't change is because of how he put the pieces, the day (the only time) i pay attention I learn that you can change the volume(how much you can put inside a 3D figure) with affecting the surface area( how much space a 3D figure take on the outside).....thats all i remember
  3. thanks for the looking for a place with a more reasonable price.
  4. Something's fishy with the 3 piece in the first video...I think. I'm not going to watch it enough times to be sure.
  5. It's not a gimmick. I don't fully understand the math, but it has to do with ratios set up in the series of Fibonacci numbers.

    Here's the wiki page on it.

    I've had a puzzle like that for years called Geometrex

    and I found this one! Cheap and in wooden box form too!!

    Here's a whole bunch of them based on the same mathematical principle.

    Finally, here's a site that actually tells you how to build one!

    They're sold as puzzles. Bright idea to make them magic! :)
  6. the Winston Freer Tile Puzzle looks really awsome, is there anywhere i can get a cheaper version of that? cuz it is like 400$$ (i checked out the other puzzles but all of them can only add 1 extra piece.

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