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  1. This is a good way of looking at it. And I actually found it quite helpful in understanding the position. It makes sense.

    I also appreciated this. I think that this is a smart way to approach the business of magic, and recognize worth in what we do. Not what I was talking about, but good insight and perspective.

    THIS is what I was talking about. I never said being equal was fair. My original thoughts were about doing the same show for different clients. Lets say they talked and compared shows. The result: same show, different cost, and they are ticked, and want answers. what do you say? How do you justify a higher estimate for one and a lower estimate for another. Obviously this would likely never happen, but its the justification that I'm trying to draw out.

    But doesn't this contradict your stories about saying no to the shows that don't pay? I'm being fecicious, but your condescending tone just begged for it. :rolleyes:

    And this is what I was after - The justification for it all. Why do you change more the second and third time? Inflation, supply and demand? More experience? etc. It seems that behind the smoke there might be some solid reasoning behind charging more for future shows. This is why it's a good and helpful discussion to be having.

    Hmm, I apologize that what I said offended you. It was not my intent. I tried to make that clear in other posts that I was not calling your practices out because I don't know you form a stick in the mud. I'm sorry I was not more clear. I was attempting to question the ethics of that type of business in general. My original post in the thread was not even directed to you at all. I'm sorry you took it personal.

    To be perfectly clear. I don't know you, nor do I need to. I am questioning the ethics of the practice of increasing prices when it appears to be a wealthy client, just simply to take advantage of the situation. You have shed some insight and new perspective on that, and thanks for that. I'm not sold yet, it still seems sketchy to me. If you have more to contribute, I'd love to hear it.

  2. Hi Justin,

    Please let me clarify a few points - when I said, "I refuse to turn down a show where I could make a few hundred for a hour, because the old lady can't affod a grand", it doesn't mean I don't have a minimum price that I won't go under. I was discussing the concept of knowing your client can't afford your asking price. I was being condescending...but my last paragraph explained why - your apolagy is accepted, as long as you can forgive me for being upset and writing a bit...well, harsh, although I think a soft harsh, haha. Moving on? Okay.

    As for charging two different prices for the same show - and clients "taking notes", or talking.

    First - for me - as I am a close up magician that does parlour and walk around, primarily - no two shows are really the "same" - different size groups, time duration, etc.

    Also, if people compare - it is easy to justify with truth. They have hired me before, they gave me a deal on their product, they advertised me for free, I did different stuff, I was there longer...etc...

    However, most people understand. I have had clients hire me for a private party...then want me for their company. I tell them, well, I will charge you the same, as I don't want to come across that I am trying to steal from the rich...then my client said, "No, I know it is different - my company has a big budget, go for top dollar". He then found out his budget was $10 000, and told me he would help me get the max. Beats the pants off the fee I was going to charge.

    Here is the thing - if you are doing this for a living, and your magic is quality - people understand it is your living. Is a Lawyer or Doctor worth 100's a hour? Maybe, if you need them - but all things being fair - they work 40 hours a week at that rate. How many shows can you get to make a living?

    This is why so many magicians starve to death trying to be pros - have to publish material, sell off secrets, do lectures, etc.

    This is not to say - GO FOR THE MOST YOU CAN - but to say - Understand your clients needs and budget, so you can get paid for what you do. When people can't pay you top dollar, decide what people are willing to pay, because the truth is...

    You can list any price - if people won't pay it...then it doesn't matter, but if they do...why would you not ask for it?
  3. I charge accordingly to the venue like previously mentioned, Do I perform kid shows? No. But some of my close friends do and I take a cut from getting those gigs on the schedule. My average price for a hour is $200.00. This states I'm worth the money and I know it. However the price varies to the amount of work required to complete the show. I will tell you this much, matter how much I am getting paid I put everything into every show regardless of the money. The money just pays the bills. The question is whats more important to you and what your willing to sacrifice to get it.

  4. it has been said may times in this thread, for me it all depends on what kind of performance it is and how long. if it is a stage gig, 175$. my stage performances are usually an hour, sometimes a little bit more. for strolling magic, 75$ an hour.

    these numbers change all of the time though. for example: i was offered 300$ to do a stage gig this friday, and i took it. and there are always the "close friends" exceptions, but i keep my prices where i think they should be for now.
  5. 45 Minute Childrens Show: 50$

    Restaurants: 20$ an hour

    Private Events: (Buisness Meetings, Galas, etc.) I am willing to be flexible for the person or persons hosting the event. But i drop no lower than 200$

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