Magicians in Charlottesville, Va?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by meggisonj, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. I live in Charlottesville, Va and I'm looking for a magic bro to "jam" with.. Any out this way?
  2. I live in Staunton and often travel over Afton Mountain to busk on the Pedestrian Mall over there.
  3. Hit me up brother man. I'd love to start a group out here. (I've been trying for about 6 months.) We could also meet in Waynesboro on some weekends. Maybe at that Starbucks.

    What type of magic do you do?

    I have another group I'm forming too. that group is for Entrepreneur that want "automated income"
  4. I'm in the Charlottesville area as well.
  5. We should meet up.. send me an email. I would love to start jamming with some real magicians without having to go to Richmond.
  6. I visit the shop out in Richmond sometimes. Also, there's an IBM ring that meets in Waynesboro and a SAM club that meets in Charlottesville, both of which have a decent number of regularly attending members. I just accepted a membership to IBM, but both clubs are free to visit the first few times at least (unless there's a lecture or something else special going on). If you want I can email or PM you some info on both clubs.

    Also, I'm planning to do some street performance on the Pedestrian Mall in C-ville this evening. I'm never sure exactly when I'll arrive, but I usually stick around till 11 or a little after. I'll be spinning brightly colored lights next to the big fountain in front of Zo Ca Lo in case anyone comes looking for me (provided that nobody snakes my spot).

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