Magicians Who Cross The Line

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  1. First of all, there are magicians who like to be "philosophical", seem smart type, who say things like, they are trying to blur the line between illusion and reality or something like that...
    And there are magicians who sometimes say they have powers as sort of a prank or social experiment or maybe for a few laughs.

    But there are other types, the ones who have crossed the line from being a magician to something else. Where they claim their illusions are not JUST tricks, but at least partially done through supernatural means. Uri Geller comes to mind. Now, I am aware that many of your beliefs defer. And I am not here about that...

    But how often does it happen? How often do magicians go on to claim that some of their tricks are not ENTIRELY tricks?
    What do you think about it? Should that line be crossed?
  2. I don't know of any Magicians personally who claim to have supernatural powers. It'd be really weird for a guy to claim that his card tricks are due to mystical forces, or making that silk handkerchief vanish was a result from a pact with the devil. I don't think that'd fly with an audience. Mentalists/mind reading can probably get away with this claim.

    Most people on these forums would probably say that they don't like to claim it one way or the other. They would just let the audience believe what they want to believe. As long as you're not misusing your claims of supernatural ability (like to rob vulnerable individuals of their money), I think it's fine.
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  3. A few points:-

    1) People are no stupid. Fewer and fewer people are getting fooled by such 'magicians'. I don't even think they can be called magicians, they are frauds.

    2) If people still believe them, kudos to them for putting so much time into practising the sleight of hand. :p

    3) Of course no. I agree to the fact that most yes/no questions have a grey area, but I really can't figure out any right now. So no, no magicians or any kind of performers should claim that unless it is IMPLIED that it is sarcasm, something Brian Brushwood often does.

    4) I dunno abt the world, but it happens quite often in India. Search 'God men' on google and the results will show you Hindu ''Baba''-s. Other than the fact that I am not really into religion, most of them have been PROVED frauds. There was another case of a God Man here who recently got jailed. I really dunno if this happens anywhere else, but it does happen India. But again, I am proud to say such frauds are caught out easily. (Fun Fact:-A god man here even starred in a few Bolly movies, that all flopped).
    So yes, it is often for me atleast.

    5) It's one thing to lie in a way that doesn't insult anyone, and another thing to play with someone's beliefs. If someone watches you perform, they are investing precious moments of their life in your actions, and you gotta respect that.

    6) Your threads, sir, have the bet titles.

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  4. meant 'best' in my sixth point...
    Oh why does TXI have a time-limit thingy for editing posts!

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  5. Psychics come to mind most of all for being known to openly lie about their powers. Some mentalists may be able to get away with this as well. But imo the funniest ones are the televangelists who do things like knocking people over and limb lengthening and stuff in the name of Jesus.
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  6. Ugh you reminded me of Peter Popoff
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  7. Actually, Uri Geller, crossed back approximately Ten Years Ago.

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  8. Indian guru Sai Baba comes to mind. Here are some of his "miracles":

  9. My wife ordered the "Miracle Water" from him as a joke. Once a week he sends me a letter to donate money lol
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  10. A lot of the people mentioned aren’t really magicians, they’re con artists who use stage magic to manipulate people.

    Let’s not blur the lines. Derren Brown isn’t going around hustling people to talk to their dead relatives. Besides, he makes more money as an honest performer. You’ll still find a tonne of laymen who consider him legit though.
  11. First person that comes to my mind is Pranav Liju (which is me) ..Lol
    And I think most of the times most of us have done this to escape being embarrassed infront of the spectators ,when they guess out the method of the effect .(especially for people who do mentalism or hypnotism ,again like me })

    But talking seriously .I think I am well qualified in this topic .As being raised in a middle class family in kerala , India . I personally has met and heard of many many people who refer themselves equal to god or in other words say that they have some supernatural powers .Most of these people learn the basic manupulation of certain objects like ash ,eggs ,chocolates ,chain etc (which is made easier due to the large full sleeve throbe which they wear )

    As a conclusion I would like to say that it's not about what they do . It's about what we consider they are doing . As everyone knows there is nothing as true magical powers or something but the superstitions certain people have makes them believe so

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