Magics relation to cheating at cards

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by c.t, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Actually, this is the card MAGIC forum. An aspect of card work you have expressly said you have no desire to participate in.

    Accept that you were wrong and stop trying to find ways to use ad hominem. It's not difficult to understand that someone can do both things you think are mutually exclusive (Thank you Mr. England for pointing out concrete examples), even though you still seem obstinate in your belief.
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    I don't think you understand. Not only do I not have to prove anything to you, but my own proficiency at card magic is not in question, nor is it necessary for me to see through your bull****.

    I don't have to make a blockbuster film to know that Biodome is a terrible movie. I don't have to write a bestselling novel to tell you that purple rose looks and reads like crap. I don't have to win 5 Grammys to tell you that Lulu is like being stabbed in the ears by herpes. And I don't have to be an expert at the card table to know that your incoherent argument of mutual exclusivity is nonsense.

  3. You can talk the talk but cant walk the walk. I am not feeding the troll any more.

    /ignore Streerpike
  4. Okay, taking bets. How long before this guy disappears from the forum, never to be heard from again? I give it two weeks at the outside.
  5. I perform classical card magic, give theatrical demonstrations of cheating techniques (where entertainment is more important than reality) and also perform legitimate casino security demonstrations with playing cards (where accurate information is infinitely more important than entertaining).

    So, I think that magician/card mechanic/demonstrator or a half-dozen other terms could all be accurate for me.

  6. You are a bully)))
  7. He's welcome to prove me wrong, you know. But I'm not optimistic given his behavior so far. He really does strike me as being just like every other wannabe that's come through here. Jason proved him wrong and he doesn't even have the decency to say, "I stand corrected." If my judgment seems harsh... meh.
  8. No he didnt but Penn said he performed it better than Jerry Camaro who spent 14 years in prison and practised every day, i could quote that ive seen it so many times so he could easily be one of the best in the world
  9. I think he sort of did in his reply to Jasons England post.
    I not trying to pick up an argument here. But you do sometimes come in a bid havy handed. I looked through your posts. Its not the first time you do that. You write very expert opinions on topics, but for a profesional filmaker, mentalist and magician, you got one non magic related clip to back it up. Just seems a bit odd.

    Also i just think its a bit hash to greet new members of our comunity in a manner you did. You could of done it a diffrent manner.
  10. Craig hasn't posted any videos of himself. Neither has Christopher, to my knowledge. Yet I don't see anyone rushing to demand from them proof that they are are in fact professional mystery entertainers and not, say, giant chinchillas who learned how to speak English and use a keyboard.

    I don't like repeating myself, but let me make this absolutely clear: anyone who thinks I need to produce a video of a trick that could fool Penn and Teller in order to justify my opinions needs to take their head out of their ass. Leaving completely aside the fact that young Mr. Art tried at every single turn to weasel out of the burden of proof, demanding to see video of me as proof that I know what I'm talking about is the exact same logic as those obnoxious Twilight fans who say to anyone who thought the books/movies sucked, "Oh yeah? Well where's your bestselling novel/blockbuster movie?" It's a gotcha question as interpreted by a goddamn toddler and anyone who uses it deserves absolutely no respect from me.
  11. Not Creg, nor Christopher, not Jason England allowed themselves to talk down to participants of discussion like you did. So to me, the one with the head up the ass is you.

    No offense i just commented on what i read.

    P.S i dont give a toss if you the magician or not.
  12. If you think I'm the only one here who never pulls a punch you're in for a shocking surprise. I suggest you get used to this idea that you can't say stupid **** here without getting called out.

    And I responded by explaining my reasoning, which you apparently never gave a damn about in the first place. You just wanted to mouth off to the "bully."

    Did I ask?
  13. Apology to everyone, apart from SteerTroll. I never ment this topic to turn into, what it did.
    Thanks to Jason England for clearing the matters out.
  14. Im on the same page as you, to be honest. Since I started handling cards, I just see the opportunities naturally to do a quick move to give myself the upper advantage. I would never do it for money or with people who would beat the **** out of me but I think with that group of friends who seem to enjoy parts of it on a subconscious level, it's fine. I only cheat with my family and friends and I've also never been associated with cheating at games. Most of the time tho, I just completely blow up the bridge and tell people that I know how to cheat and they really shouldn't play cards with me.

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