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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Camel, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. I actually recently created a soda transposition trick:

    You show two cans of coke, open them, poor each out onto the floor (pointing out that coke comes out of the coke can and sprite out of the sprite can), then with a snap of my fingers i pour out each onto the floor again, ONLY THIS TIME SPRITE COMES OUT OF THE COKE CAN AND COKE COMES OUT OF THE SPRITE CAN

    The trick requires some setup, however you end completely clean... you can cut open the can if you would like to...

    I haven't tried it out on too many people, but it has gotten some good reactions...

    if anybody can think of a good name i would love suggestions
  2. It can be called Soda Switch, that is a catchy name.
    Anyway, I am working on a trick where a card vanishes and ends up stuck to a spectators back. I just thought of it tonight and am currently making a method for it. If this has been made before please tell me, I don't want to copy a trick.
  3. My effect is called "Oops" which is basically where you take out your card case and you try to take out the cards but apparently you got your card case but forgot your cards, that's where the oops part comes in. Explain how even good magicians can do something incredibly stupid like this but the great can get them anytime they like. You wave your hand over the opening of the case and they see some of the cards come back with each wave over the case. Then you do a special move and show all the cards in there and do w/e trick afterward. My best opener ever and it uses a gimmick that is kinda used for another trick but is enhanced and uses another gimmick that many people have used before.

    Very visual
    Nice opener
    Something different

    Cannot be immediately examined
    Somewhat knacky
  4. I've been working on a colour change which is pretty visual.
    You wipe the top card with your finger and you can see it change as the finger passes over it.
    Hard to explain but pretty visual, if anyone has any idea feel free to share them round.

  5. Like Ben Earl's stroke change?

    Sounds cool buddy anyway, if it's original.

  6. Wipe the slate clean and colour burn use the same premise if I read it right too. Looks cool though :)

  7. I made a basis for a trick today. (If you haven't notice I think of a lot of tricks in one day but not many methods)
    Here's the trick: A card is chosen and then two like cards are produced, ex. black kings. The kings are placed in the box and the selected card is put face up on the deck. With a flick the card changes to the black kings and the selected card is found in the box. Unfortunately, my method uses a double but can someone discuss or PM me on a way to do this without doubles.
    Also, tell me if this has been made before.

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