Making an object disappear...

Apr 6, 2010
Hey guys,

Lately ive watched a lot of different videos of magicians causing small/medium sized objects to disappear and reappear very well. Ive taken quite an interest in it and have not had much luck finding the exact source to learn these methods from.

Ive seen things like the gecko and such but i dont want to use any gimmicks, im hoping to find a method that is impromptu and based upon sleight of hand.

If anyone can suggest some good books/sources that teach object vanishing acts without gimmicks then i would be very grateful (preferrably that also include good tips on . making objects reappear too)

My apologies if i have overlooked the obvious sources/places to search for my answer.

Nov 7, 2009
Paris, France
Without gimmick ? pure misdirection.
But most magicians do relie on a topit, or on the new TKO. It's really practical, so it doesn't have that gimmicky feel like a gecko or a m5 has ;)
Feb 17, 2010
Moscow, Russia
Yes, pure misdirection, as mentioned above. Read some Coin Magic books, there are many techniques that allow you to not only vanish coins but the other small objects too. But it's gonna take some practice and angle work. "French drop" is an awesome technique, by the way.
Apr 6, 2010
Thanks for the replies, although i apologise for making my original question a bit baffling.

I am after any sources/books that are specifically dedicated, or have a section specifically dedicated to disappearing objects by misdirection.

I am sure there must be many different methods for different objects and such with misdirection.
Apr 8, 2009
I don't know if this is what your looking for but in Jim Pace's DVD Visa-Antics, he teaches an impromptu simple vanish and reappearance of a water bottle, called Crushed.
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