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  1. Hey Guys,

    I starded this thread because I want to discuss ways we can adapt an effect to be in the spectators hands. I will explain what I mean. I think that the strongest type of effects are the ones that happen in the hands of the specators. (sponge balls for example) I think we tend to limit ourselves by not using the spectators as much as we should. For some reason when a spectator does something they feel like they played a key part in the trick and they remeber it for ever.

    So what I want to do in this thread is mention some tricks that we can adpat so that to the spectator it will feel like it happens in their hands. I think we under estimate our possibilities. I will try to give a few examples to get the ball rolling.

    Ego by Daniel Garcia- This effect is a great effect but lets say to involve the spectators even more you had them wave their hand over the deck as you perform the ego move. It would feel to the spectators like it happened in their hands or at least they played a part causing them to remember that effect all the more.

    Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders - Instead of doing the regular change have the spectators put their hands out and knock the bills against their flat oppened hands as you perform the change. It will feel like you changed the bills while they were holding on to them.

    Invisible Deck- Have the spectators pull out the inversed card and flip it over.

    Any Kind of Prediction - If you have an effect where you have a prediction in an envelope have the spectators hold on to it.

    Coin Bend - Have the spectator push up on the coin and bend it themselves. (or so they think.)

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs - In my opinion the most powerful part of the entire routine is when it happens with the spectators holding one of the rubber bands.

    Levitating Dollar Bill - Levitate it off the spectators hands.

    Cups and Balls - Perhaps depending on the setting you could have the spectators flip over the cups.

    So what do you guys think? What effects can be adapted so the spectators play more of part? I will be very interested to here what you guys come up with. So post away.


  2. crazy mans hand cuffs, have em hold both ends of one band.
  3. There are so many effects out there where one of the phases can be adapted to have the spectators hands involved. Of course there is a lot that can not but I'm a firm believer that their involvement is nessisary for huge reactions. You just have to be able to present it where they feel like they had more to do with it than they did. 2cm, ACR, triumph; every one of those routines can have an element of "in the hands."

    I'm personally a new fan of the coin underwatch routine and coin on shoulder etc. It just has this "whoa" surprise factor that is excellent. If you are a fan of James Brown (the magician) check out his routine "Pot of Jam" where it takes the coin and ends with a small "pot of jam" falling into their hands and even landing on their shoulder. What's awesome about this effect is that the pot of jam falls from your hand but when they try to conceal it themselves they just can't. It's a great routine and one that I recently started performing. Love it.

    I do believe that Scotch and Soda is a HUGELY under-appreciated effect with a lot todays magicians. I hardly ever see it being performed anymore and it's something that really allows you to focus on the presentation of the effect. You can really get creative with the reveal too.
  4. how about search and destroy by Aaron Fisher
  5. Paul Harris said the same thing about a trick being better when its done in the spectator's hand. I would agree. My wife gets annoyed with my magic but she loves the stuff when its done in her hands. Just yesterday I did 3 tricks and she loved each of them. I did those specifically because she was involved the entire time. I know I will learn from this.
  6. What 3 tricks did you do the1spaz?
  7. 1) a key card trick with while holding her hand to help me point to her card

    2) I spread the cards out all over the place and ask her to point to the 2 different cards, and then I pointed to one other card. They all ended up being correct (learned it from ellusionist)

    3) A trick where I pick a card, then she delt the cards into a pile until she was satisfied. Then dealt them into two piles. The top card of each pile represented the suit and then the value of the card (ie ace five, king, etc)

    Sorry, I'm not too sure on most of those names but they are self working ones and she loved them!

    I think Out of This World would work perfectly too in this situation. I did that for her a year or so ago and I remember she liked it too.
  8. that trick is all about the spectator. if you watch the DVD Aaron constantly references how "the spectator makes the passes", they do most of the work for you. not to mention it is a great effect. one of my favorites.
  9. Search and Destroy is fantastic through and through
  10. don't force it

    An effect is mostly stronger when done in a spectators hands?

    BUT, don't force it, if you have a spectater who can help you, great.
    but if you don't need to the spectator mind find it weird to hold out their hand or to do someting completly unneseserry. and that leavs a negative tought in their minds and you don't want that.

    for an example, you don't want your spectators to do something they might don't want to do when it's something you could of done yourself.

  11. i created an effect recently that occurs mostly in the spectators hands. its very nice
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    Just about every effect I do happens in the spectator's hands in some way or another. I'm not really into "watch the magician" magic. I like to get spectators involved. Funny enough, on topic, just last night I was at a gig and this girl said the exact words: "I like this--I feel so involved."

    Putting the magic in their hands and using borrowed objects turns them from spectators more into participants, and I think that, generally, that enhances the magic for people.

    So once again Paul Harris was right. Imagine that. ;)
  13. I would like to say that I agreed with you and it is something that I should improve more. Involve the audience a bit more rather than just watch.
  14. i thought of another, i was doing jay noblezadas coins across, (i dont think its his, but i'm 99% sure he had permission to put it on in the beginning there were coins)

    and i had a girl holding a coin "in a tight fist" and she said that her hand hurt she was squeezing so hard, and then i asked if she felt it jump, she said "i dont know my hands numb"
    she even asked if she was squeezing to tight

    so then i did the PK coin bend (also off in the beginning there were coins)

    and she was squeezing it super tight again, i did all the suggestion subtleties, like asking if she could feel it warming up, or if she felt it move a little bit.

    she bought each one hook line and sinker, then instead of saying, "i think it worked" like i usually do, i said "sss-- i dont know, it might of worked, you might have been squeezing too tight" she opened her hand....

    bent quarter, freak out.



    "i wasnt even squeezing as tight as last time cause my hands sore"

    "that was a half dollar, not a quarter, quarters are softer"-- total bs. they could be though.

    then i realized, nothing could be as strong as before, so i left. if she hadnt already handed me the quarter back, i woulda let her keep it.

    so i walked on to do more magic.

    i dont know if you guys can draw anything from this, but that little magic bit was all about her hands, and nothing else.

    that and i was dieing to share that with sooommmmeeeboooddyy
  15. It's great when you can change a trick from "look at what I can do" to "Look at what WE can do toguether".

    This is a great thread and there are some really good ideas here, definetly worth a read.
  16. A very simple one. You false xfer and with the retaining hand put it on their wrist while you guide them to the empty hand. Let go as you open the empty hand. The coin seems to jump right to their wrist!

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