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  1. anyone have any idea how to do this? I heard banacheck mention breifly that he often prints out cards from his computer. I would like to design my own, does anybody know the paper needed, the printer .etc
  2. I would also like to know, please PM me if you know how.

  3. Yeah I'd like to know how as well.:)
  4. Buy double blanks maybe ?
  5. this is great thanks :)

    however i was thinking of an all at home thing... i want to be able to design my own cards bottom up, make my own gaff cards and such, in order to do so i was thinking i would need to have a special printer or special paper, i was looking more for an explanation on what paper to use and such.
  6. YES double blanks are the way to go i designed my own cards before also. Its really fun to do so but to save ink i would just design my own ace of spade and joker on regular bicycle blanked faced cards...Use laser jet or photo printers :)
  7. Make some Jerry Nuggets!
  8. where can you get double blanks?

    also do you think it would not work on a normal ink printer?

    do you just stick the doble blanks into the printer?

    cheers! (iam very excited about this)
  9. Not gonna work. Of course you could print images of card to some thick paper, but what about finish? Cards without finish aren't good fo r magic or flourishing or even playing.
  10. you can buy fluid i think for finishing, i forgot the name of it but i heard it somewhere..
  11. It won't work. You cannot make quality playing cards at home. It's impossible. I suggest sticking with trusted manufacturers.
  12. better you buy the USPCC's product.
  13. You can make great cards at home with just your pc and inkjet printer. I have been making my own gaffs now for a very long time. Its not very hard at all. Pick up a book called "The Gaff factory" have fun!

  14. yeah just print on a blank card. i have been wanting to make my own gaff cards just use a blank deck they are like 7 bucks and use an ink jet printer.
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    ok then i suggest you ask Card-Shark.
  16. there is a dvd called: Versatile Monte and Beyond

    Check it covers everything you need to know...
    it takes time but you can do a great job

    P.S. it has a solution for the finish too

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