Malkolm Triumph.

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  1. [video=youtube;0PF1xDdQZsI][/video]
  2. It looks so nice, but you should find a way to present, even if only briefly, that the cards are indeed mixed. Many spectators would believe that you were just "faking" a shuffle.
  3. This really should be performed with an audience in the video. You know, you actually performing for live people? Instead, you just perform with the bulge in your shorts visible just above your disembodied hands handling the cards bereft of any compelling presentation.

    I'm going to keep repeating to you that you should be posting videos of actual performances until it sinks in. Just so we're clear on that.
  4. I think you should learn to give out helpful advice instead of being a total jerk, Literally everything except for the part where you told him to perform in front of live people is completely useless.
  5. I'm gonna defend Steerpike's suggestion. He discreetly gave tips on how to record videos in the future, and gave advice to perform in live people. Sometimes, being blunt isn't a bad thing.

    In fact, try reading a thread called Your patter sucks on ellusionist forums. It is the most helpful thread I came across and it has plenty of blunt harassment at magicians' patter.
  6. He is a jerk because people ask for advice and then don't listen lol. It'd piss me off too. Not saying its right, but its not uncalled for.
  7. On that note, this thread gave me a bit of a deja vu, so I did a search. This guy made this exact same thread back in April, trying to claim that this is his original effect and declaring his intention to submit it to the Wire. He keeps cribbing other people's effects, putting one cosmetic variation on them, and then claiming he's an inventor. Why on earth should he be given anything but both barrels? He needs to have his ego torn down and told point blank why he's wrong until it finally sinks in that he is not entitled to our attention or our money based purely on his ability to steal the work of others and pass it off as innovation with a straight face.
  8. reading that the post is of repeated kind .. but what the discussion has started due to it is to be mentioned most as the points of getting well prepared before a show matters most

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