Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

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  1. Does anyone use this book? It's one of the few carried at the local Barnes & Nobel. Would you suggest it? I'm focusing on card magic, but I am open to learn anything.

  2. Yes I bought this book a while ago, and it has great tricks. The pictures that go along with the explanation are black and white, but if you read it you won't even need to use to pictures. I highly recommend it. Also, its only about 20 dollars and has like a little over 500 pages. Its a great book for any type of magic.
  3. It is THE place to start learning magic. Get it.
  4. Hell yeah i'd suggest this book, this and the Tarbell Course were my first introduction to the art. Even though the Mark Wilson Course may seem outdated, some of the material in there, in particular the card tricks will not only fool the pants off of layman, but i'm sure that there are some magi out there that are either unfamiliar with them or overlooked them that will be blown away too.

    Highly Recommended!!!!!!
  5. buy it, it's amazing. For less than the price of many one trick dvd's you get hundreds of tricks, all of which have potential to be amazing (some will require good presentation though).

    Probably THE best book for someone starting in magic, but there is something in their for everyone. I started magic when i was about 10 and didn't get this book until a couple of years ago (im 23 now) and boy do I regret waiting that long to get it! It was only £15 from Amazon and I was missing out on so much great stuff!!

    I've even seen Derren Brown use a trick that is in this book and totally fry everyone with it. That's how good some of the stuff in here can be if you put the thought into how you present the stuff.

  6. I'd say, between this, The Amateur Magician's Handbook, and Tarbell, you would have everything you need in magic.

    The teaching format in Mark Wilson's book is one of the best I've seen, IMHO.
  7. Mark Wilson is a bad@$$, I lived by his house and he is pure legend.
  8. I cannot agree with this statement more!
    I have Amateur Magician's Handbook and MWCCIM and have gotten more from those two than any other magic related items I have!

    All the best,
  9. thanks.. I'll have to get it when the money is available.. things are a little too tight for another magic purchase.. I just got Card College.. there's plenty there to keep me busy until a new job opens up.

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