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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by obrienmagic, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. So I have been looking at all different forms of marketing and tend to do things the old fashioned way (well, old fashioned for my generation I guess haha) using youtube, facebook, and Instagram (along with several others) as my primary sources of advertising. My goal of course is to get people to my website which is the heart of my operation (videos, blogs, online store, booking, etc.)

    I have recenty began looking for other forms of advertising and have stumbled upon reddit. I was curious if anyone has any experience with reddit. I made a few posts on there which have sat all the way at the very bottom of the feed and have no views at all lol. I suspect unless your posts are huge grabbing ones (ie. political or pop culture) it will get buried lol.

    If I am missing something please feel free to share!

    Also if you have suggestions for other forms of free advertising that have helped you get more traffic to your site, blog, etc., please feel free to share! The marketing side of magic is something I think all of us could benefit from having a discussion about!
  2. If you're advertising your own site, you are violating their rules. Self-promotion is not allowed and very frowned upon on Reddit.
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  3. Not under every circumstance. You may have Reddit confused with another site––while you will get banned for blatant, militant self-promotion, there are many ways to share your own material and direct people to your site.

    Michael: Email me again!
  4. Reddit is much more about sharing content, blatant self promotion is usually not allowed, and wont be well received. your best bet using Reddit will be to just produce good content, and make sure people can find out who you are if its popular. You'll also want to post to a few different subreddits.
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  5. Make sure you're posting in the correct subreddits. The reddit crowd is tough and they'll downvote anything they even think is self promotion. I've had most success posting early in the morning under a reddit account that has a different username than my channel. Also just work on building up you link karma because reddit sometimes will automatically delete your post if you link karma is low.

    Finally, check frequently to see if you're shadowbanned. They ban account all the time when they think you're self promoting.
  6. Great advice. I don't want to necessarily self promote directly, but for example if I share a video from my channel like "Check out this cool magic trick using pokemon cards!" that would be ok right?
  7. Seems fine to me, depends on the subreddit though.
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