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Matrix no card by YuXu

Aug 6, 2012
great coin matrix ! I like the part of winged silver; you really master the movement ;) Did the matrix comes from david stone, isn't it ??

It's funny because these days i was working too on a matrix without card ! Unfortunatly, it will takes me some long times to ''master'' it...

Good Magic
Mr Purple
Sep 23, 2012
my last post on this thread was a while ago and i just saw david williamson's penguin lecture and he had something similar to the first phase and i got the sick dvd by ponta the smith and learned the second phase and just wanted to say that putting those two effects together was genius
Oct 27, 2014
I have also put a noncard matrix together which is inspired by Ponta the smith. Your routine is great, I'll be doing mine as part of my act at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2015. I'll try to post it here as a testing ground soon!
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