Mechanics grip battle?

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by DannyT, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I would, but I'm already in a sit down infront of a webcam and do nothing battle.
  2. i have a brilliant idea i'm going to post a "who can leave a deck of cards on a table better?" battle if anyone's daring enough to challenge me
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    Im not angry...this just saddens me, I'll leave the battles forums for sure, it's not worth the effort.Sad thing.:(

    This battle should have the name "killing magic" battle , it suits it more.

    EDIT::// I know that you guys were expecting from me something like "I am going to go Chuck Norris on your A$%es!" but its not worth it.Let this forum die peacefully, mods, it should be a good idea to delete this portion of the site for good, it doesnt improves magic in any way.(and I am talking about the battles whole forum, not just this thread.)
  4. Toataly agreed RDC, it seems that the batle system isn't doing what it was created to do, which was improve magic, and people like the ones in this battle have made sure that it fails, RDC, you made an amazing effort to bring good things to this section of the site, and you did bring great things here, and kudos for that. I think you are right about this forum and the entire battle system should die, I think that would improve the magic more than it is doing now......
  5. This is the greatest battle of ALL TIME! Awesome man.

    The next battle should be even more epic. The overhand shuffle battle. Riffle Shuffle battle and maybe if you've got the guts and the skills.. The Hindu shuffle battle.
  6. This just fails.

    This is in order...

  7. ..................


  8. I really hope that was a joke.

    I agree, this section of the forum is beyond repair.
  9. I would like to challenge someone to a second mechanic's grip battle.

    I am very serious.
  10. I'll put my support behind this. Best damn idea I've heard in a long time.
  11. So nobody is up for a Overhand shuffle battle or a riffle shuffle battle?
  12. Ok guys,
    I agree that this battle is worthless, but just because one battle is pointless doesn't mean the whole battle system has to go down the tubes with it.

    The battle system is really great and should be fun for magicians like us who want to challenge others to see who is better at performing, leading the loser to practice harder to get as good as the next guy.

    I think the point system just made people want to get more points and not care about what they do to challenge people.
    So a winner of a double lift competition wins the same amount of points as a person who won a sick nasty Silver Dream performance competition.

    The battle system is a great place to spark creativity and have fun. It's not the system that's making the art die, it's the performers.
  13. Sorry I said this again, but we have tried in the past, (I know that I had) really, at first, I thought that the battle forums were a great idea but, what does it really its about? I don't see the point to it.

    Battling another magician just to see who it's best? even without the position chart, things would be still be the same, people just showing off skills and people making really mediocre videos just because they don't have a social life.

    Creativity can be sparked from a lot of different sources without so many drawbacks, I know that YOU DANNY would definetly do the possible to do this, but you can't talk for everybody, as I said, I tried in the past to try to raise the bar a little. Didn't work.

    Sorry, but im both dissapointed and mad, I actually spent some time trying to get things better here and things now are even worse, I have no hope for this forums anymore.

    Totally agree, but isn't the system that began all this?jesus, im off to see Dr.House M.D.
  14. Guys guys, they're just having fun. :)

    Sheesh, you guys act WAAAAAAAAAAAY too serious :| Ever heard of a joke?
  15. Hey guys. I've messaged JB and Raiker about this in the past. Some ideas are being thrown around about what we can do with the battle system. It may be dead for now, but hopefully things will improve in time. With some of the ideas we have, I think the system will overall improve. Only time will tell. I hope we make some changes. As I've said in the past and I stand behind what I said, the battle system has POTENTIAL, but that potential is nowhere near reached. Not because of the system. It's because of the users.

  16. Jokes have these things called punchlines. It is the balance of set up and punchline that makes a joke, you know, funny.

    And if you have to use that cliched, "You take this too seriously," argument, that only means that you haven't spent a nanosecond of thought on any of this. The issue is not having fun vs. being serious. The issue is using the system for what it ostensibly was designed for (self-improvement) as opposed to being a useless, unfunny brat who thinks that anyone gives two ****s about his ability to do a clipshift.

    True. But how long do the intellectual minority have to keep flogging themselves in a doomed effort to carry the weight of the rest of the rabble?
  17. You have proven my point :)

    People are allowed to have fun right? :D
  18. Which is doubly impressive because you didn't have one.

    You're missing the damn point.

    The system was created to help people improve. If you want to "have fun," there is a media section for that. Or you could go to other forums that have a digital playground for you (although I can see how you'd mistake this place for one).

    There are a group of people here who would like to actually improve as magicians, rather than wallowing in mediocrity and laughing stupidly at their own unfunny jokes. And I don't see why they should apologize to you for that, especially when you come into the thread talking like Cheech Marin after a wake-and-bake.

    Using a system ostensibly designed to help people improve for your own childish masturbation is pointless. It's why college professors don't like it when you play The Sims while sitting in their class.
  19. I honestly don't see the point of having a DL battle or a pass battle or any of the current battles. Everybody does a DL, A pass and a whatever differently. So why battle with those.

    What has always bothered me is that nobody wants to actually perform for anybody anymore. I thought we (The forum) were better than all those kids on youtube who stumble over their words worst than porky pig and do nothing but XCM and show more crotch shots than a W.A.S.P. concert.

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