Mechanics grip battle?

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by DannyT, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Woah woah :p

    "And I don't see why they should apologize to you for that"

    Well I didn't say that anyone should apologize to me. :O

    Anyway, this whole debacle is pointless. :D

    P.S I voted for Matthartz :D
  2. I was thinking that young magicians would get exposed to how magic is suppose to be performed by watching some of these experienced performance videos and would get the encouragement to want to perfect their skills.

    Think about it, most performances beginners see is one that is trying to sell them something. (And not even a full performance at that)
    Maybe these guys need to see more people do real battles and perform for real people(as you did) to improve the quality of the battle system.

    The system was meant to improve performance, we just need to set a path.
  3. Let's set it then, I already tried something, didn't work, I'm open for suggestions. Let's work something toguether out shall we? Thank you for actually taking interest.
  4. Lets face it, we need a lot of people who are creative to help out. We need people that get the message though, not just people who want to participate.

    Either that or you and I are going to be doing a lot of battling with each other.
  5. oh come on, you can't really say it's dying

    jaspas and vincent dark have both expressed interest in battles, which, if they participate, should raise the standard of battles.
  6. You were expecting me to pull a punch?

    Numerous attempts have been made to raise the standards, but they go largely ignored by the masses.

    I'm beginning to believe that the idea of better performances raising standards all around is a logical fallacy. A lot of the people using this system see it as a perfect substitute for having to do anything that expands their comfort zone. Now they never have to perform for real people and they can still engage in a dick measuring contest with other magicians. I don't think better performance videos are going to cure that.
  7. Either the battle system is nixed..or the rules for making one become more strict.
    As in not allowing DL battles or crotch shot battles of any kind.
  8. lol RD is a gay.

    Whoever was in that battle should be embarrassed....
  9. you bumped a old thread just to say that? You sure are in love with me buddy.
  10. I know, I do, that's why I bash on you. You're an all right guy.

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