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  1. Hi everyone. I am a new memdeck student and I am working through Mnemonica. I am enjoying it so far, but frustration has started to creep up on me. I pray that you guys can help me on this.

    Many of the effects, especially the direct and quickie effects require estimations and glimpses to accomplish. I have memorized the deck and I know each position of each card. But when the passage casually requires the magician to "find or locate the card" through estimation, I can't help but feel frustrated that I can't cut exactly to where it is on one try. I saw Juan perform his prediction effect in one glimpse and estimation.

    I employed Joshua Jay's deck work to make the estimation and correction easier for me. But it still isn't enough to get by. Does anyone have any tips on estimations? I would really appreciate your help on this.

    A good frustrating example is when I need to get the 24th position. I cut the deck and find out that I am at the 17th position. So great, I'm lacking 7 cards. But when I cut the deck again, I misfired carrying 10 cards instead.

    Is this the reality of memdeck users? Estimations are needed for each performance? Any insight on the matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  2. When you estimate try to get the desired card a few from the top, not exactly to the top. With practice you should be able to get closer than 7. The second time don't estimate, count. Ideally a pinky count probably, but you can certainly make a thumb count work. You can thumb count 7 if you have to, one idea is to count once for each sylable while you talk to the spectator. You just need to have a few phrases where you know their length.
    Then double undercut or you favorite method.
  3. If you haven't seen Asi Wind's "ACAAN" yet, you may want to invest in it. In the video, he has one of the best estimation-location techniques that I have ever seen, and it can be done without the knowledge of the spectator/s.
  4. The best resource I know of for estimation type effects is Revolutionary Card Technique. At first as you read the effects look impossible, then the further you get into it the more manageable they become until they are almost easy.

    Expert card technique teaches all of my favorite glimpsing methods.

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