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  1. Greeting from Indonesia,

    Can anyone point me toward some sources for having a specific date in mind (ex. August 15, 2009), and then having a participant say it, without them knowing you were forcing it on them?

    I want to use it on my perform next month, and honestly I don't like to look like a "magician" who bring a weird/strange magic prop that people never see before.

  2. Try a SvenPad, BUT make it look like a calendar.
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  3. I was about to say a SvenPad. That's probably your best bet.

    The trick "iTimeRewind" has a pretty clever way of forcing a date using an iphone. Idk how well it would work for your purposes but it's easy and it works if performed right. If you DM me I could explain it but I do think a SvenPad is a better idea.
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  4. Speaking of iPhone. I almost suggested Landmark by Oliver Smith, but I just feel a SvenPad designed like a calendar might work out better.
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  5. I was thought about using svenpad but it still look like "magic prop" for me.
  6. Interesting, let me design it first. It could be my last choice. Thanks for your attention.
  7. Cipher/TOXIC/Non-TOXIC calculator force would work. I've used it to force dates before.
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  8. They make SvenPads that look like normal notebooks or even post-it pads
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  9. Scripting, Equivoque, and Card Force: "I got a bunch of index cards (number cards) just cut make two piles, excellent; 1 and a 5 I need some numbers, you sir 1-12 odd or even? Great choice, how about on this side high or low? What number should we use? 8? Excellent, lets keep things open just anyone call out some numbers. I heard 20 I got 0, and I got 9. Excellent. Random numbers..." Go from there, of course someone with more of a mentalist mind than I could come up with a better script than I.
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  10. Is it good enough to perform using calculator on a big stage without close up camera?
  11. You could have them say it out loud or write it down on something larger.
  12. It's all in how you present it/stage it.

    People don't need to see the calculator itself, if the volunteer reads off the number. The volunteer is the representative of the audience - they assume that person is telling them the truth as long as you've made it clear that they are not in on it somehow.
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  13. Have everyone in the audience write down a date and why it is significant on an index card Have them pass the folded cards to the front. As you put the cards into a paper bag, read off some of the dates and significances and have the person raise their hand. Ask one of those people to come up on stage. Have the volunteer pick a date out of the bag. Alternatively, have the volunteer select one of the dates from the pile of cards or out of a glass fishbowl.

    There are multiple methods you can use to accomplish this effect using the folded index cards.
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  14. By the way the new AMAZEBOX is still an option ! But Sven Pad also great ! And everything depends on the presentation, even a wizard hat and a flying cat can look as natural as hell, if you do it well :D

    Hope you Will find your solution ! Greg
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  15. Oh, I see. That's remind me colin mcloud performance on agt with tweet's paper. I thought that I have an illustration in my mind.

    Thanks brother,


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