Mindfreak Live Review

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  1. Last night my wife and I went to see Criss Angel's Mindfreak Live.
    It was an amazing show. It had a ton of WTF moments as well as humor and some sadness.
    I lost count of how many actual tricks were performed.
    The opener was a very funny and horrible (on purpose) magician named Maestro. His buxom blonde assistant was just as funny. A BlueMan bit had me in stitches.
    Criss performed numerous metamorphosis and disappearing tricks involving animals, people and motorcycles.
    His dove routine was amazing!
    He spoke a bit about childhood cancer and performed an amazing levitation I'm still scratching my head over.
    All in all it was a very entertaining show. The seats were super comfy lol

    Side Note - As of October 28th, his residency is over and he will be finished with the Luxor.

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