Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Creeper, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. No offense but you guys sound like the biggest losers ever.

  2. Coming from someone with close to two thousand posts on a Magic forum.
  3. lol so true
  4. Welle I guess some people just can't wait for April the 1st... :D
  5. That seems to me that your controling the botton card only... Please post that false shuffle with a deck in new deck order ;) ...if it is really Blind, than, Congrats, its great!
  6. jden dont hijack my post, if you wanna insult people do it somewhere else.

    k I just wanted to throw up a quick guys don't know how lucky you are to see this shuffle...Im really against elitism and I think all for all or none for I put this video up...if you guys wanna be ungrateful fine, its a legit false shuffle and its freakin amazing...I mean mine looks pretty flawless but you might even see some of the method in TKHs...probably not, this thing is bulletproof...jesus why can't we just get along without conflict, its a real false shuffle, leave it at that
  7. Whaaat are you talking about?
    Grateful for what? Allowing us to see you show off a "false" shuffle like so many other videos here? Your not really doing anything so calm down.
  8. Can we all stop posting these jokes and actully make real threads... All i see know is 'pressure revealed' and its a phoney reveal which is kinda funny but when every thread is like this its pointless...
  9. I don't get what you guys are talking about.

    visualartist- talk to the presenters at magic con...they will say you should be grateful
  10. I wanna learn, pleaseeeeee i have a 10.000 dollar bill here!
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    for..what? seeing yet another false shuffle with the tag line "most deceptive shuffle yet" as always?
    Forgive me if I dont share your excitement.
  12. D ICE R, man, it's amazing that you posted the Quad Helix Riffle, this is actually turning into that thread.
  13. Are you 6? That has to be the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life. You need to take a minute and try to realize just how trivial this is.
  14. People, relax!
    This was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't actually that funny.

    So now stop being stupid and discussing whether or not the "False Shuffle" was great! :rolleyes:
  15. wtf this isn't a joke what is wrong you people?
  16. Only one way to prove it wasn't a joke. Take a deck in new deck order, show it slowly before and after the "false" shuffle and people can make up their own minds. Until then, you can't fault people for being skeptical.
  17. agreed, with it being this close to the 1st, and the general trend of threads being practical jokes or spoofs, the only real way to be taken seriously is to use a new deck order and a much better video. that was choppy and almost impossible to see. Im not saying your faking just asking for a better presentation. if it truly is such a great shuffle, give it its credit and present it greatly. You dont really wanna become the next Youtube Mark do you?
  18. I did. well, not on purpose. From practice, I've come to notice groupings of cards along with rapid memorization. The videos are false.

    Also, try not to flash the bottom card of the other packet, as it really makes it obvious. not that it really matters though.
  19. Wow this is so funny. I forums will never be the same without Creeper.
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    THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone who believes us

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