Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Creeper, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. yo guys,
    can't really say whose this is, or how I learned it...I will probably get in trouble for showing you, but I think you guys have the right to see it. This might be the greatest false shuffle of all time. Easy as pie, and looks like a regular riffle shuffle. all the pros have talked about it...I've never seen anyone who isn't an award winning magician do it...I present to you...the cupid shuffle
  2. There is no way that is a false shuffle.....put the deck in original deck order and make another performance. Im sorry if I sound like a heckler here but it seems too good to be true...


  3. If that really is a false shuffle and it is as you describe it. then that looks pretty amazing.

    But honestly, I remain un-convinced. The deck didn't start in a recognizable order to it was impossible to tell if the cards had been mixed up at all. The only recognizable card was the bottom card and that would be quite easy to retain.
  4. Yeah it's real, surprised people haven't seen it, it's not really that underground. You did it sloppy creeper, you were to jerky. I can't do it that well, but hell, here's the way I do it. Keep up the good work!
  5. Good joke.
  6. yeah I gotta work on the jerking part of it.

    no offense but you did it horribly sloppy...almost exposed the like thats even possible! keep isn't too hard

    vorezo what are you talking about?
  7. Don't be an ass I just learnt it a week ago.
  8. Wow....Mind.Blown.
    I laughed out loud at how deceptive that was!
    Good job Creeper, you got a sick shuffle there!

  9. Is that seriously false??? WOW! I applaud you!

  10. oh my.

    But seriously,to show off false shuffles,people put the deck of cards in order and not just have them note the bottom card. That does nothing.
  11. Who the hell wants to put the deck in order? Just stop being lazy and memorize or write down a sequence of cards, and rewatch it to check if it changes, which it doesn't.
  12. im not about to memorize anything.
    If your showing us something,you gotta have the courtesy to do it right.
    Otherwise,its not worth our time watching something you half-ass.

    Its like giving your english teacher a jumble of notes and saying "here,you can figure out what my thesis is about just by sifting through them".
    Thats bs.
  13. Still being curious I tried to do that. The quality was too poor to tell. And that's like saying, a car mechanic saying "well who cares if your car still doesn't work just look up how to fix it on the web or something."
  14. So, I have to assume this is just a joke, then?

    Though there is a false shuffle that looks more or less just like this.
  15. reminds me of the truffle shuffle
  16. That's the one. I was blanking on the name.
  17. Your handling is pretty odd. Why do you need to put your pinky there?
  18. Thank you! I just found it, It's really not me. Sometimes youtube exposure can be good! I know I'll sleep good tonight!

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