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  1. Speed wise only.
  2. for two handed cuts yes, but one handed it is hard to find someone who can match him
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    God, why can't you just {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} you {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} stupid {Edited by Moderator for profanity.}? All you do is {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} worship {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} idiotic {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} stupid {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} like you're {Edited by Moderator for profanity.}. Every single post of yours is {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} about {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} Brian Tudor. You know, {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} Brian Tudor isn't worth {Edited by Moderator for profanity.}, so just stop {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} worshipping him. Why don't you {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} with {Edited by Moderator for profanity.} honey mustard?

  4. Jerry has a whole section on one hand cuts and I doubt brian tudor can do any of those.
  5. I think these "warz" are rather ridiculous. Does it really matter if we spread cards on our arms or cut the deck in a fancy matter. Do laymen really care that much? Is John Smith going to say to you after doing pandora "You suck balls, you can't even do king cobras into a double armspread lolololol"?
  6. ahhaahaha I agree man :)
  7. I've already said it once in this thread, and I'm happy to say it again.

    If you didn't pick Jerry, you simply aren't educated enough for your vote to count.

    To Brian: Saying Brian Tudor is better than Jerry is just naive, and you've proved naivety is your specialty through your thread on patter. Brian Tudor does Sybils. Lots and lots of Sybils. Has anyone ever seen a decent fan from him? No. The fan in the performance and teaching of his Show Off routine is so bad it's hard to look at. What about a spring? It seems he can't manage that either. Once again referring to his Show Off Performance and teaching, the cards end up very messy and he even turns some over.

    Brian Tudor hasn't released anything new since Show Off 1. Did everyone hear me? Everything since Show Off has been recycled, half-assed material.

    Brian Tudor would be one of the lowest on my list of talents.

  8. REally:eek:
    Those are begginer cuts,Charlier,L cut...
    Just because you cant do it doesnt mean the master of one handed cuts cant

    And YTBN is way more impressive than a "cobra" cut
  9. YTBN isnt more impressive than a cobra cut...
  10. hhaahhahahahah man your not very smart are you.:p
  11. YTBN cut looks ****. All Cobra cuts are better

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    This is chaos:confused: What way do you mean most skilled? most well rounded? Best Kutkid? Best XCMer? Most talented? most natural (things come easier)? :S
  13. It's cap casino is all categories
  14. What the hell is XCMEr

    ANd Tudor is all of those
  15. Tudor sucks at fanning and springing. all he does it cuts. Devo made flourishing big. Brian tudor didn't do ****.
  16. You dont evan know what XCMer is but you still said Tudor is it.


  17. Except for starting modern Flourishing
    Devo has nothing only a foot shuffle and making a card spin at a fan
    What a joke

    All of them except that crap
    it doesnt exist
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    @ Brian: You say that smooth = slow, but then you say that Brian is the fastest and therefore the best. I think a lot of people here would agree that it's not the fastest, but the people who can do it fast AND smooth so that spectators can actually appreciate what's going on. Also, I seriously doubt that you can do either the YTBN OR the Cobra Cut... yeah, the YTBN is kinda difficult, but I got it going smoothly within a day. I've been working on BASIC Cobra for like 2 weeks and I can say that it is EXTREMELY difficult to balance a packet on your middle finger while moving the packets below it.
  19. Your not supposed to get it smoothly
    Your supposed to get it Fast

    so you are doing it slow
    When ytbn is performed slow it is not a YTBN
    Balancing a deck of cards is nothing to getting a Super fast YTBN
  20. ...excuse me? Speed isn't everything, if it's fast and sloppy then that's not a good flourish.

    I give up. You don't even seem to entertain the possibility that other flourishers have their merits, even if you think that Tudor is really the "King of Cards." Instead, you brush off the notion that anyone else is even halfway good and simply say that no one can hold a candle to your idol. Yeah, Tudor is a good flourisher, but compared to people like Cestowski (who brought up non-cut flourishes), De'vo (who was the first to really bring flourishing into the BIG public image with his strange style), and the Buck Twins (who ran with cardistry as a kind of extreme sport), he seems to have not advanced for a really long time. And the very fact that the only cut you seem to be mentioning is the YBTN boosts everyone else's point: What has he delivered to the cardistry world besides a few one-handed cuts and a bunch of Sybil derivatives?

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