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  1. Owned.

  2. Just ignore brian. No matter what you say he won't change his mind.
  3. QFT. That's why I said I give up. :eek:
  4. HEy! Guys. Very necessary subject. I want to write my opinion about Brian Tudor.
    Ye of course he is one of the first flourisher. I remember when I've seen his Showoff 1 and 2. I was impressed by his skill. His speed is realy fast, his creations very useful for today flourishers. BUT!!! When I've seen perfomance of Dan and Dave I was impressed more! :) Their speed and smoothness were so eye candy. I've forgotten about Tudor. ANd now I can't watch Tudor's perfomance cauze he is fast but very choppy. HE is a good creator of flourishes but he is bad perfomer for me!!!

    ANd of course as you know D&D can be faster than Tudor and mooooore smoother!

    Here is my answer on subject question. Dan and Dave are most skilled persons. THey are the best!!! And on 2nd place for me Kevin HO! Future for this guy!!! :)
  5. Its Fast But Not Sloppy
    Maybe you cant be fast without being Sloppy
    Tudor can

    HE IS
    thats the name of his latest masterpiece too
    SHowOff Volume 3 "King Of Cards"

    No one is faster thab Tudor
    No one!
    No one can do what Tudor does at half the speed he does

    The Best And First Actually
    Did I mentioned fastest

    Devo Has nothing on Tudor
    The Bucks Are tudors Students
    Without Tudor They wouldnt be flourishing

    I mentioned all of them
    Allright then
    Do a Very Bad Habit

    Modern Flourishing In General?
    The Bucks?
  6. Wow. For once stop being ignorant.
  7. try doing dual L-X quad cuts if you think YTBNs are hard...
  8. Unless you are actually Tudor, you have no reason to talk like this. At all.
    Brian may be fast, but that doesn't make him the best, not even close. He has no variety as an artist. What makes flourishing visually appealing is not just speed, its speed, style and smoothness, the latter of which tudor has none. And smooth does not equal slow, by any means, its totally possible to have both. And Tudor did not create modern flourishing, for that I would credit Chris Kenner, because he created the sybil, of which Tudor made a billion variations. And you obviously haven't been around long enough to have seen what De'vo did for the art. And look at Bone's what the hell happened to sybil, sure it may not be as fast as Tudor's, but it looks way better, and theres no argument about it. Just because he's fast with cards does not mean he is the most skilled person, because he has very low skill compared to others.
  9. dude chris kenner did not create modern flourishing, the fact that you think modern flourishing is thanks to the sybilmeans you're a n00b. Jerry was doing flourishing acts before "out of control" came out, and before Jerry there was quite a few guys for example Joe Cossari, Jeff Mcbride, and even Houdini.
  10. Yah, Chris Kenner, certainly inspired lots of modern 'cardistry' with his sybil, but there's a difference between 'cardistry' and flourishing.
  11. Good work on mentioning Joe Cossari (the inventor of what people call the "Jerry Fan", if anyone's interested). Also T Nelson Downs and Jean Hugard need to get credit for laying the groundwork for modern flourishing.

    Also, if you want to credit the inventor of what's become known as "Sybil" grip, then I think that accolade should go to Gianni Mattiolo with his "Ultimate Illogical Shuffle".
  12. Uhhh...I meant modern flourishing as in Dan and Dave and stuff. They even said about Chris Kenner's sybil "started it all for them." I don't consider Jerry's stuff as modern flourishing. Whateva. I guess I was it's modern 'cardistry.'

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