Mr. Garcia + theory11?

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  1. haha/ but thier relationship takes place over a weekend. and HE'S aleep. not her
  2. I'm pretty sure SHE'S asleep. I was in the play a week ago.
    Well, they both kill their self. I'm not killing myself. :)


    Anthony Bass
  3. right. anytwyas. in short piuates = awesome Ninja's = less awesome. Garcia should be a pirate...he's almost cool enough...he just needs to burn his nunchucks.
  4. He was born into Ninja-ism. Poor guy.....

    Anthony Bass
  5. on the plus side though. I used my awesome pirate skills to pirate away Waynes shoelace. I am now holding it randsom.

    Dana: I'm jsut kidding. (He knows what I'm talking about) Or am I????
  6. Danny wasn't born a ninja. He was lost and couldn't find his way, then the evil E took him in and trained him with the dark forces of ninjaisim. Poor Danny had no guidance and accepted this offer. Soon he was using his powers and was trained with Ninja training: weapons. He became even more dark and deadlier, that he STOLE WAYNE'S VIOLET SHOELACE! Wayne quickly realized he was no match for the almighty god-like Garcia, so he too had to take up Ninja training to get his shoelace. Wayne is still undergoing his training so that maybe, one day he can find his shoelace. Theory 11 is Wayne's search party for his shoelace and they have sworn against all born Ninjas (and poor Danny), but little do they know a NIT (Ninja In Training) is right under their noses.

    Now back to my opinion, I wish Danny would join but I doubt he will. I would love if he joined (for he is a genius). Maybe Chris Kenner can perform a ceremony to forgive Daniel Garcia of his Ninja sins, so he can be accepted into our cardistry and magic underground epicenter.
  7. Street ace...actually I have Waynbes shoelace. haha. I got it WAAAY back in august :p
  8. No, Danny used his extreme ninja deception powers to swap it with a duplicate long before you took the duplicate in august. So you're probably angry, Danny's powers are no match for a pirate......
  9. wrong! I seriously have his shoelace. pictures to come!
  10. You THINK you have it but you really have Danny's duplicate. Not even Wayne could tell the difference, Chris Kenner had to inform him of the news. Wayne never liked the duplicate so you did him a favor.:D
  11. I would love to see Danny offically join. Like, get a spot in the ARTISTS page and host contests, make DVDs, notes, etc. He is one of my fav. magicians.
  12. I think the same exact thing. (Really it's like an exact quote lol) We should make a petition to forgive Danny of his sins and to un-train him from his ninja ways so he could become an artist.
  13. I'm better than ninja:
  14. what's the status of Ronin on Theory11? I am a Ronin (Masterless Samurai).

  15. actually. When I stole Waynes shoelace, I hid it. it takes days to open the safe I hid it in. and I carried around a duplicate. so Danny stole my dupli9acat,e and replaced it with his duplicate.
  16. wow 4 pages of this ****
  17. Am I the only one who reads this and gets a visual comic with random ninjas and pirates in my brain?

    That said... I am your father! (yes yes.. all of you.. my seeds are like the stars in the sky)

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