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  1. You're not stupid at all. :)

    I actually liked your post. Too many people take sharing time with the family for granted, I love Christmas because I get to see all my family and we have all have fun... Whether that be cheating at monopoly by claiming things we don't have or rushing for the last yorkshire pudding.

    There are more things than magic.

    - Sean
  2. Whoops. Forgot clipshift.
  3. AMEN TO THAT. The only "magic" related thing I would like are cards, but that's not even high up on my list. Hell, I don't have a list. I just want a relaxing break with my friends and family. Lots of good food is always an added bonus.
  4. i agree with that. But seriously, i just wanted a few suggestions on some mentalism stuff that i should get. W/e
  5. Agreed. Spending time with family is magic. I like that.
  6. hahaha Frozen spongeballs
  7. Here's mine:

    1. Ultrasmoke 2000 refill
    2. More ultrasmoke 2000 refill
    3. Even more ultrasmoke 2000 refill
  8. Here's mine:

    Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse Book #1
    Ed Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique
    Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz
    A MAGIC Magazine subscription renewal
    Past Midnight by Benjamin Earl
    Bricks of Bikes (I usually get about 6-7 LOL)
  9. ummmmm i dont normally have my family round at christmas (they live in germany anddd ireland)


    coin two (im not sure about this any more)
    fake ciggaretts (im 13)
    eXile (yes yes like every one else)
    jump shoes (dunno where you can buy em though)
    rings (oh yeah)
    a dock for my mp3 player (im always losing the earphones)
    frozen (dunno about this)

    and thats its...

    for mentalism buy 13 steps, read and practice stuff with billets, you can quite easily now do almost every mentalism trick that involves "reading minds"

    AND get practicle mental effects - also very good.
  10. Why Bikes? If you're going to get that many cards, get some Tally-Hos or Arrcos.
  11. I do prefer Tallys... where can you get full bricks?
  12. Ebay? :)

    I already know that im going to get Zarrow: A lifetime of magic, and the Herb Zarrow on the Zarrow Shuffle DVD...

    i love my family :)
  13. Kardwell. That's where I get all my cards.
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    Here's my Magic Christmas list:

    A few Split Spades Deck
  15. well guitar hero world tour band bundle of course :D

    but magic wise idk..

    some S&M's, maybe a karnival deck, no real flourishing stuff...

    ooh maybe a porper, my old E clip from last crimbo is a little worn...
  16. Dangerous (both dvd's)
    Gecko- ellusionist (obviously)
    Tagged- not the dog tag one
    $Money$- to get the other tagged and a brick of propagandas

    Some smaller things: Invisible thread, fanning powder, and other stuff that I can't remember!!!
    I know that I'm getting one of the crash course dvd's, but I don't remember which one.

    Oh yeah, and the Guitar Hero World Tour band set. I got a call that it was in the store, but they got the guitar kit by accident. We can't find it anywhere (Wii version) so I probaly won't get it.
  17. Your all asking for exile. I have it and it is not as good as you think. When you get you'll ask yourself why you didn't think of it. But it is cool, and easy.
  18. christmas list

    This will be the first year i don't have a christmas list....
    With the economy and all me and my wife are just worrying about giving the kids a good christmas, Even though our furnace took a crap on us last night and found out its going to be thousands of dollars for a new one which sux cuz we dont have that kind of money. So my only wish this year is to have heat of course somehow and for my kids to have a very good christmas!
  19. to see all my friends in my home town, (probably wont happen)

    magic wise

    tally hos
    invis deck
    split spades
    coin bite

    the system
    $money for either paper engine/brian tudor gen x/forces unseen

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