My Issues with the Classic Pass

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Derek Humberson, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. It's something I will chase for a long time, perfection, of the classic pass. Just asking for some advice on how to fix my specific problems. I have watched Xavier Spades Pass Project and still have several issues. Well here goes.

    Whenever I have the cards between my pinkey ring and middle fingers gripped, sometimes they fan. I know this to be a pressure issue. Then usually I lose grip on the cards and my index finger on the same hand comes into play and I almost have to straddle grip the cards to complete the pass. With the grip changing it's too much movement.

    Also when moving the top block of cards the top card on the bottom packet will try to move as well.

    I have been practicing for roughly 30+ min a day for the last month trying to get the muscle memory better. Before that maybe half as much for 3 or 4 months. I dont plan to use it much but seeking advice.

    Thanks again
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  2. Like you said it's a move that you will be practicing for a long time. Richard Kaufman said that you have to practice the move for about 100 a day for a year before you start getting a feel for it. I would get Jason England Pass Tutorial as well because at the end he lists several sources that may help you out.

    I'm going to order Alex Pandrea's Guide to the Pass tonight and watch it a couple of times..... Because whether you realize it or not once is not enough to absorb all the content in a video. Also if you could post a video of your pass maybe we can better see what you are trying to say about the fanning of the cards...... Hope this helps.
  3. Here is a quick video I did:

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  4. I will attempt to get a quick video once I am off work. Pulling a 16 hr shift. The slight fanning motion I make with the stock I am moving come from pressure on the cards between the pinky and ring and middle finger almost like a smear fan at times. I think this is due to a lack of dexterity in my fingers. Mine is nowhere as clean as yours, however I have mostly just been taking time to learn the proper fundamentals and basic mechanics properly.
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  5. I am sorry I was unable to record my pass to show my issues. Storm knocked out my power and internet at home. Will try to get a video with my phone and get it uploaded
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  6. Jay Sankey and Jason England have really good videos to learn the classic pass. Alex Pandrea also has great material on passes.

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