classic pass

  1. J

    Classic pass and the right ring finger (some advice please)

    Hi guys! I'm wondering if you use your right ring finger to "hinge" the lower packet when you execute the classic pass to decrease the "dip"? This is how I've been doing it, but lately I've been reading Card College and watched Jason England's download, and this is not mentioned there. My pass...
  2. K

    Performing Passes VS Controls

    How often do you perform a pass? I mainly use controls to get the card in the position it needs to be. Occasionally, I'll do a pass, but only if I'm performing for a single spectator. And yes, I'm aware that this question's answer depends entirely on the situation. But when the situation allows...
  3. J

    What misdirection do you use in your magic tricks?

    I have practiced the classic pass for about 2 weeks, I can do it smoother and faster now. I am trying to replace the double undercut control. I want to know how could I distract audience not to look at my hands while I am doing the pass. And how do you misdirect audience generally?
  4. Derek Humberson

    My Issues with the Classic Pass

    It's something I will chase for a long time, perfection, of the classic pass. Just asking for some advice on how to fix my specific problems. I have watched Xavier Spades Pass Project and still have several issues. Well here goes. Whenever I have the cards between my pinkey ring and middle...
  5. Scodischarge

    Good passes/shifts

    Hi guys, me again :) I've been looking to broaden my repertoire (if you can call it that) of magic techniques a little bit, and as passes and shifts seem to be pretty handy both in card magic and in gambling I was wondering which passes/shifts you use most. It would be great if you could focus...
  6. K

    Magic performance with Pass

    :)Hi I am pass freak and I wanna know magic that enhances the effect of Pass. Could anyone tell me any magic performance sthat wisely utilize the pass? Any comment, suggestions or hints are welcome.
  7. CardMagicNJ

    Attn. Mr. Jason England This ones for you......

    Jason, My name is Ryan loyle and I'm an amateur street magician from Atlantic City New Jersey. You are a huge inspiration to me and I consider you one of the few Masters out there of super Advanced card sleights. 18 months ago when I started my card magic life I posted a video of my pass up...
  8. K

    Classic Pass: Question and tips??

    Hi so I've been doing magic for around 2 years on and off, and when I gave up on the pass a while ago. Recently I tried picking it up again as a mostly angle proof slight and I noticed a few problems that I encountered that weren't mentioned anywhere on the interwebs. Problem 1: When I'm...
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Ideas to change up my ACR?

    Hiya! As weird as it is, I've never really done an ACR as I felt like it was too overused. That is until recently when I tested one out on someone using a few basic sleights I already knew. He freaked out and now I've started trying to expand the trick with more controls and whatnot. This is my...
  10. OsakaMidnight

    Classic Pass Questions

    I know that there have been about a hundred (probably more) forum posts here about the classic pass, but I'm totally new to magic and have some questions that I haven't seen answered elsewhere on this forum. So I'm looking for any general practice tips (set up a mirror, angle down, etc.) and...
  11. L

    Help Me Learn the Classic Pass! (Video Included)

    I am relatively new to card magic (started about five months ago) and have been working very persistently for over a month on the classic pass (really a riffle pass for me, but ideally I won't need the riffle motion). Please give some tips! Video:
  12. D

    Need a tip for the classic pass.

    I'm learning the classic pass, however, the bottom card on the top pile which you pivot keeps slipping across the right edge of the bottom pile. Can you think of any tips that will help me stop that? ~DB
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