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    For those who dont know the Melbourne Cup is horse race, from Australia. Its a very popular event here. So I took the chance to make a prediction for it.
    I made this prediction on Monday (Yesterday) after a brief look over the race starters. For those who dont believe me check the Timp Stamp on the file.

    I didnt want to release this early in case I was wrong, but I was right. So when I got home from school I posted it here.

    Here is the results;

    And my prediction is attached. Right click it and go properties, check the time stamp.


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  2. Yet you posted it an hour after the race finished, eh?
    Haha nice job, it was a good race. I wouldn't mind getting some publicity to do a prediction next year. That'd be fun.


    PS I love the thing with Timp Stamp.
  3. Yer the race was at 2:30 and my last lesson just started so I had to wait till school finished and get home and on the computer to post it.

  4. Oh, its a public holiday here in Melbourne. No school, no work.
  5. haha,

    Yeah pretty sure that you made this after he won,

    Otherwise, you would have bet on him and made quite a few $$. Also it could be major fluke. Like, what, 1 in 30. I dont know. But yeah, Personally, I dont believe you.
  6. You don't believe an illusionist? But why?
  7. Checky checky the embedded time stamp in the file properties. Im not 18 so I cant bet. But I did have a few bets with some friends. And won.

  8. Even if it is a trick ;) There are plenty of ways that the prediction could be legit and made before the event... It's a cool idea.

  9. Indeed Dee.


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