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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bonnermagic, May 11, 2008.

  1. How many do you figure will actually do that?
  2. Ok. What percent of the people that'll watch it di that?
  3. you beat me to it steerpike..
  4. More than you think probably. A lot will also just go to a certain website that I won't link here to an exposure video.

  5. So then the small percent of the people that do that post an exposure video your assuming.. right?
  6. No, I'm saying that the people that want to find out how something is done who won't download the actual DVD, will go looking for an exposure video and they will probably come across this one website that I won't list here, but is a very common exposure site. Look at it like this... I don't say no to the person, but I try to avoid showing a certain person in my school magic because they know the exposure site. I did Factory Sealed for a group of people once and the first thing the person said was "Oh, I learned that on the internet. I know how you do it! It's so easy." I asked him where and it was the site I guessed.

  7. Ballpark it for me. Vague allusions of hordes waiting just over the horizon aren't good enough an argument for me.

    Look at it like this: How many people are in your school?
  8. Great 23 year olds acting like 10 year olds.
    What I do not understant is that the sponsor of this show has claimed for years to be against exposure yet during the show they advertise to go to this site to learn mind numbing magic be taught no less by the head honcho.
    I will admit that they used to be a pretty good site but for a very long time there have been very few posts in the protected forums and most of the posts in the general forums are by the moderators and elites. The only benefit I can get from this show is Hey guys this is how not to do magic.
    I would be very surprised if they have many viewers outside the magic community.
  9. I don't want this turning into a thread that attacks Ellusionist. It hasn't been so far so please don't turn it into one as this discussion is not about Ellusionist.

  10. It is not really small, but not really big. It's somewhere in the middle, but more towards the smaller side. However, I can't really give you a number.

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    Rick Maue defines exposure as "the senseless and destructive revelation of secrets with no positive magical intent."

    If you want to start a discussion about this, that is the only definition I'm going to accept.

    Try anyway. I don't need an exact number, just ballpark it. Just for the sake of argument.
  12. I'm sorry, I am biased, but reality TV is junk 99.99% of the time.

    CelebraCadabra is very cheesy and embarrassing in my opinion. I read Brad's defense of the show on Ellusionist months ago, and I wanted to believe him, but man was he wrong. Brad is a great person, I am far from an 'Ellusionist hater', but I really think if they wanted to do something serious to help magic out, don't let the quality drop to an average VH1 reality tv show...

    I could discuss this for hours, it is more reality TV than CelebraCadabra specifically that bothers me in the end, so I dunno if I am fair about judging it. All I know is that it is hard for me to watch that show, I get sick and dizzy when I watch reality TV, this show is no different.
  13. well i personally think that magic is going to die i mean its almost dead for many people espacially in america... everyone saw the tricks from blaine on national tv phenomenon and now vh1. I really dont want to say i hate ellusionist for doing that, but thats more exposure then ever needed... they sponsor it? so everyone just types in and knows everything... its gonna be very hard to find people who dont know anything about Doublelifts for im raging right now im just so happy that i dont live in america so i can do street magic.

    Its just redicioulus how they say it is good for magic...

    Edit: i really like theory11. I really hope they stay funny and nice as they are. THEY SHALL NEVER EVER EXPOSE MAGIC AS ELLUSIONIST DOES PLEASE

  14. We will see... everyone has a price right? lol

  15. I would roughly say about... maybe 500 kids (not including junior high. We have 7th and 8th grade in the same building, but they are separated from us almost all the time).

  16. Magic is not dying and it never will. David Blaine and Criss angel helped magic grow more than you ever will. Wohever watched the show and goes to E won't suddenly know everything. They have to pay and people aren't that stupid to pay alot of money and buy some tricks just so the next day they can embarrase you infront of your performences.

  17. First of all i never said that i helped magic to grow or anything like that.

    I personally like to give the audience an unbelievable experience its so nice to see people amazed, make them laugh and entertain them
    i think Card Magic has a hard way, because almost everyone knows about doublelifts which is the strongest slight of all in card magic IMO. IF your are doing street magic you can not tell me that u almost never get called on doublelifts
  18. There is something that a lot of people don't realize between E and T11... you will soon know when I make my video.

  19. When did David Blaine invent magic? Did I miss a memo somewhere?

    To say that all of David's work was exposed on Phenomenon and Celebracadabra just shows that you never actually watched either show.

    Ellusionist is hardly the entire magic community or every effect ever invented. And wouldn't them learning things be dependent on them buying or pirating the DVDs?

    I'll bet you a year of servitude that I can find them without even trying.

    [Post Edited by Moderator for unprofessional and disrespectful comments towards members.]

    And of them... one is an exposure monkey?

    What are you basing that on? Can you show your work? Didn't think so.

    Yes I can and will. I do ACRs several times a night when I go out every weekend and only got caught twice in the last year, both times because I was sloppy.
  20. wow i didnt mean to start a flame here. I was just telling my oppinion and im gettin attacked over and over.... no i cant see this shows because i don't live in america... but people got youtube and people write in Celebracadabra revealed or anything like that.

    I didn't say David Blaine invented anything

    Steerpike you should calm down abit. It's my oppinion that i dont welcome magic shows on television aswell as i don't welcome it on youtube.

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