My Thoughts on CelebraCadabra


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Sep 1, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Hey guys,

This is a very good discussion and a lot of great points are being made.

The personal attacks are not needed, nor do they make this thread anymore interesting. So please be civil and stop calling each other out in ridiculous accusations.


I think the only way to save magic is to NOT spread it...we should let magic die down until people basically never see it anymore...then we should come out and start doing it like the pros do it....but...its not gonna
alot of people know magic is fake we should stop for a generation or two and then start back up again......wait i just said we.....ohh crap...i dont even do leaving now.......:p
Sep 1, 2007
You don't have to agree with me here

And I don't. FOX couldn't kill magic with multiple exposure specials. This certainly won't kill us either.

way to go helping the destruction of our art form.

How about you evolve?

Alex is absolutely right and you should be ashamed that you don't feel the same way.
The idea that people should be ashamed of disagreeing with a cliched doomsday prophecy really gets my back up.

EDIT: Especially with people like copperfield 14 and dummyisdumb.... defending this kind of stuff......

So they're ruining magic by failing to dramatically overreact to every imagined threat?

If you truly cared about magic and had a genuine passion for it, you would be out here defending it just like us.

Okay, that tears it. How can it be an us vs them battle when the "us" part is entirely dependent on everyone being just as much of a reactionary as you?

No one is under any obligation to agree with anyone else here.

I can't stop exposure, so I rise above. It works for me and I'm going to continue doing it. I don't need some name on a computer screen telling me or anyone else what we can and cannot do to be considered magicians.

That's my main problem with the show... I can't believe that these already overpaid, filthy rich celebrities are adding to their already deep pockets.

Because you're the only person who ever gives to charity, right?

I'm amazed how unbelievably judgmental all of you are. You assume that just because these people are B-list celebrities that they must all be greedy, morally bankrupt, and irredeemable. I know I can be a jerk-off sometimes, but hell...

Not the methods but that magic and the behind the scenes and that its really not magic, its just a skill.

Do you honestly believe that everyone you perform for is so stupid that they actually believe you're a sorcerer?

I've shown my parents similar posts and they find you guys to be hilariously dellusional, and also insultingly condescending. And they love magic!
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Apr 13, 2008
Your response is the stupidest I have read.

And the only person who would care about internet magic would be people he need youtube to teach them because they can't fork over the cash.

Dude there are some people who could potentially become the next great magician and the dont have the money to buy the stuff they need to begin (books, props, etc) and they have to start of somewhere....hey i myself began watching youtube videos in magic and i loved it so much that i really got into it and soon i plan on going to work as a magician in restaurants and such to make some money. so although i am against the exposure of magic....i dont think its such a bad thing to have just a few simple tricks spread long as the really good ones are kept withing the comunity i think its all good......

and yea i think celebracadabra is an awful show, one of the reasons being that i hate reality tv, i think its a waste of time and the human minds that watch it. I understand that ellusionist wants to make some money but come on i think this is counterproductive in the long run not only for them but for the comunity itself especially since they are making a mockery of magic, next time you do street magic expect to be asked something among the lines of: "hey your just like the guys in that RTV show celebracadabra">[annoyed]
Well, seeing as I'm in Australia (the show isn't on here) It doesn't make much of a difference to me. But have you guys thought that the show could actually make you look GOOD? If you people are complaining about how this show will pull magic down into the depths of hell and it shall never return, that must mean you are all fantastic magiciansn and the pathetic celebrity performances will be awful compared to your masterpieces.
Jan 13, 2008
New York, USA
This is one of the reasons why I somewhat dislike these "teen" based magic forums. I didn't create this thread so people could attack one another. Steerpike, how old are you? Why don't you try expressing your opinion without the personal attacks. Allan happens to be a friend of mine and is a very nice person. I also think its pretty pathetic that you show your parents these threads. If people disagree with me, thats perfectly fine. Thats what a discussion is all about. But it's not right to attack one another. There's no upside to it.
Sep 1, 2007
Steerpike, how old are you? Why don't you try expressing your opinion without the personal attacks.

I'm always sarcastic and blunt. I don't believe in sugarcoating my words.

And since you asked, I'm 23.

Allan happens to be a friend of mine and is a very nice person.

And how does this change the fact that I think he's wrong and disagree strongly with his insane "us vs. them" attitude?

I also think its pretty pathetic that you show your parents these threads.

Why? Because they disagree with you? My family are my most brutal and honest critics. I talk shop with them a lot because they're all intelligent and passionate and they give me great feedback.

You should consider yourself lucky if you have people like that in your life. I know I do.

Frankly, I find it mindboggling how few magicians actually talk to their audiences.

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Jan 26, 2008
Just curious, whats on the commercial from E?

I dont think that this will "kill" magic the only thing that might happen is that some of E´s tricks will be over exposed, nothing more than that. So if you stop buying thins from E you have the problem solved. Most material that is exposed is actually from E because allot of people see their cool trailers and buys it. I could never imagine a person not interested in magic buy a book set like the art of astonishment, and even if they did the would probably go what the f**c is he talking about and then put it away.

Maybe its time for magic to evolve and time for "the new" generation of magicians to come up with new ideas and concepts, i mean some of the sleights were using is over 100 years old.
Jan 11, 2008
woa...this topic has gone way of subject....

going back on the main subject of celebabracadabra, here is my opinion

celebracadabra is a good show?
no, its terrible. But I wasnt expecting anything better.

this show is improving magic?
no, i have no reason to beleive it is as of now.

this show is destroying our artform?
no, it is not damaging the artform, however it may be hurting a particular magicians peforming style, but i think that it is good, there are many naive people who are willing to beleive fake psychics, fake sorcerers .etc these con artists dont do this for entertainment, they do it to scam. magicians nowadays should not tell people they are true sorcerors, there is a danger in doing this because some people nowadays are still very naive.

When i peform i lead my spectators on to beleive i have powers and when i get to the peek of my peformance when they really start to beleive iam a mystic sorceror i simply tell them, this is a lie and that iam a fake, and i finish my peformance talking about con artists, and warning them about the danger of falling into one of these cons. This way theyre not only impressed by the magic but they leave my show having learnt not to beleive all these fake psychics and con artists no matter how real it looks.

what Iam saying is that if celebracadabra is ruining your peformance then you might want to rethink the way you peform.
May 5, 2008
wow, all these posts and arguments, attacks, and anger. Yet, the show is still on the air. Go practice :) It will all be ok, I promise.


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I haven't been keeping up with this thread. (I'll probably go back and read it now.) I will soon within the next few days have a video blog post which will discuss how I feel able Celebracadabra and more. I think I will be changing quite a few opinions and reveal some things that may end up opening people's eyes as to what magic has come down to. Don't worry, it won't be a video of me criticizing magic companies constantly. It's not a fanboy video. Which site I'll post it on, I'm still not currently sure.


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Now lets be honest. How many people are going to see Celebracadabra, and go "I like this! I'm going to spend 30$ on this dvd!"

They won't. They will download a program like Limewire and download them. Don't say they won't because I know someone who does before Celebracadbra even came out. It's sad.

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