Mysterious Objects 1 & 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luka Malenšek, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. chalk? or some sort of powder?
  2. I Know

    That was a tortilla with Dirt on it!!!!
  3. comment there....

    let them know what you think...maybe others will get some inspiration:p


  4. It's a ball of hard fanning powder :)
  5. A ball of cheese...or the moon (whats the difference..ha jk).
  6. It's a.........


  7. it might be some kind of candy.
  8. It looks like a sort of cell, like a egg maybe?
  9. Of course... It wouldn't be anything else in Stafiejland. I think we need to ween you off cookies. Something more nutritious, like sand... or water :eek:

    Also, is the object a... dried out human eyeball?.... Under a cookie-shell.

    - Sean
  10. Never!!!

    But seriously, it's probably something either really obvious or shocking. And what does this have to do with magic?

  11. Looks like the top of a muffin to me!
  12. Yeah it's definitely an the cell of an egg. Or a baseball bat.

    Just a question, is it magic related or is it just something white?

  13. (That's why I think it's a baseball bat)

    But don't tell anyone. Shhhh!

  14. I think it's an eraser, from a pencil. The top looks like it has been worn down by something.

  15. The ground. Theres a camera with a light in some sort of tube.
  16. I meant a egg cell, like, reproductive.
  17. This guess sounds the best.

    However, I must ask, is this magic-related?
  18. Uhmm,..a unused Q-tip?

    Or a cookie,..

    That ones for you Mitchell, haha

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