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  1. I bought NB3 because I loved the look of Nimbus, but I've barely touched the flourish because the prerequisite is so bloody difficult. Is anyone else having issues with this one-handed cut? Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding this move harder to accomplish than a clip shift. Any advice would be much appreciated. I just can't get my middle finger under the damn deck without cards going EVERYWHERE!
  2. i guess this is probably not the download for me.. I bloody can't do the sciccor cut. Do you know what the specific cut you are talking about is called?
  3. I don't think the one-handed part has a specific name, but it consists of Dimitri Arleri's Axis cut but with the rest of the deck clipped by the pointer, middle and ring fingers. Very knacky position, but it'l come with practice.
  4. Definitely not for beginners. I can do a one handed shuffle and a clipshift no problem, but this thing feels impossible. I wish he would have talked more in depth about it because I must be missing something. Specifics on grip, positioning and common issues would be really useful since the cut makes up 85% of the flourish.
  5. Practice practice and more practice.

    I had the same issue when learning Akira. Spinning the cards 360 using the base of my palm was impossible. Now, I can do that every time and can't believe I had an issue with it at the beginning. If you just keep at it you will find it falls into place. I tried the cut briefly and couldn't figure out how to move my pinky over to the correct position but know when I start to spend some time working it, it will work.

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