Neil Patrick Harris.

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  2. My husband, son & I worked together to solve this mystery. It was frustrating yet satisfying when we got the correct answer. Are there similar products or mysteries here? We'd definitely do it again. Thanks!
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  3. Hey Teresa! Glad to hear you and your family enjoyed solving the puzzle. If you wish to take on another challenge, the Mystery Box Lockbox awaits. The choice to open the box (or not), is yours.
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    I loved working through this, but I had to brute force the last one. I still don't know how it related to the clues.
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    Hey just finished, what an amazing experience! Love what you all do here at Theory 11 and I tip my hat to NPH! [Removed for spoilers]
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    Contact our support team and that can check into this for you!

    // L
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    [Removed for spoilers.]
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  8. Reminder everyone - There are secrets here, and we do not want to give ANY hint as to what secrets exist. A huge part of the experience is stumbling onto them on your own, so please don't talk about them here. If you have questions, contact us at

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    So after a stressful night, I finally sat down with my new NPH deck. Gotta say, felt great to hold, handle, and that starting point for the mystery...thought I would never figure that out, but I was excited and having a blast once I did! SO CLOSE!!!!! Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris, Theory11, and everyone that obviously worked very hard to create this deck, and the mystery inside!
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  10. Can anyone tell me which font the NPH cards logo is?

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