New 1-on-1 : The Zarrow Shuffle - Jason England

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  1. While there are many genres of magic, one of the most vastly published and most popular is card magic. That said, I'm not quite sure how having one of the best card handlers in the world today personally teaching what is arguably the most iconic false shuffle of the past century - with explicit permission - would be disappointing. To me, it's one of our most exciting 1-on-1 releases to date. But to each his own.
  2. I was really excited about the double lift one on one, but I was really really really hoping for something other than cards this time.
  3. I think Theory11 needs to start releasing more new material, not just making money from teaching old moves!
  4. I hardly see this move done well so I'm glad they put this out there. It's an invaluable move and learning from England will prove to be a good resource. Same goes for the double lift.
  5. Will,

    While that is an entirely valid goal to push for - and we have a crazy amount of new stuff up our sleeves - I do think it's a bit of a stretch of an argument to make this evening, as we released the preview video for a whole new DVD with 5 NEW tricks from Daniel Garcia AND Marcus Eddie at the same time as this 1-on-1.

    Further, this is an iconic move that has rarely been taught in such detail in video format. To that end, I truly consider it an honor that Jason England chose to devote his time to us tonight to put this video out there, and I think that should be acknowledged and respected to the Nth degree.
  6. I don't care for the shuffle myself as I think it looks totally bogus, even in the hands of a master like England. I think the hands false shuffles look much more realistic and disarming (truffle shuffle, manfred shuffle...)
    I guess it's good for those wanting a good source on the move and wanting to learn it.
  7. Where's 'Riffleactionpalm' when you need him! :)
  8. I have a feeling that's going to be a running joke for a while.
  9. This is a move that has been used by REAL gamblers on real blackjack tables with their lives on the line - for decades. I think that speaks for itself as to its effectiveness. In the hands of the champions of this move - Dai Vernon, Gary Plants, Darwin Ortiz, Jason England, Chris Kenner - it truly does look incredible. While in the hands shuffles are disarming for casual use, for true gameplay, the Zarrow is pretty hard to beat.
  10. jason england is just a beast.
  11. The Zarrow shuffle is a great move for those of you who would take the time to learn it properly. With that being said I wonder how theory11 got permission to teach this. Since it is already in DVD form and Herb himself has passed.

  12. That triggers my curiosity......
  13. I agree this shuffle is amazing in its deceptiveness.. Not to mention if you've seen shade, you NEED it!! Thanks to J.E. and J.B. for this 1-on-1
  14. MAN, that looks GREAT! I am probably going to pick this one up!
  15. Hehe Imagine Jason doing what RiffleActionPalm did, to make people wanna buy the 1 on 1.

    Anway great 1 on 1, I already got, very detailed
  16. your starting to sound like me kid
  17. I have the Herb Zarrow video and watched it once, then put it aside as a future project to work on. There is too much other material I want to get right first.

    Having said that, and having at least admired Zarrow's handling over the course of that video, I still couldn't help smiling at how England handled it.
  18. Im still curious :)
  19. Ok, the previous Jason 1-on-1s was great, in fact, I love everything about Jason and his work, but this..

    Repetitions, repetitions, repetitions!
    If he didn't spread the cards after everytime he did the move, they could probably have cut ten minutes from the video! ;)

    I felt I was babyed through the move.
    After every sequence, I was told what I'd learned so far, and then a demo or two. Again. And again. And again.

    There's great tips to be learned in here, but I think there was a LOT of repetitions..

    On the more positive side, I like the lighter, happier setting and music in the latest downloads, and although I'm letting out a little bit of steam here, this is a great download.

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