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  1. Heya,

    I am in love with the Arrco playing cards at the moment. And I know that they haven't made any new decks in the past 5 years but is there a new version of Arrco's like the knock of brand of Jerry's Nuggets? I heard something like that while I was at Magic-Con and was wondering if it was true. If so how do they feel?
  2. About a year or so ago, an individual did a custom run of Arrcos with USPC. These were an early Erlanger run on thin stock with rather poor handling. They were made in Red, Blue, Green, and Black versions. An easy way to tell these from the older ones is that the new ones have the Black sticker seal.

    If you’re only after the look of Arrcos and want them for playing poker or something, they’re just fine. But handling-wise, they don’t compare to the older Cincinnati Arrcos, which is what were being sold at Magic-Con.

    A company called Dealing Deuces did a recent run of Arrco Tahoe decks in black and white, which are much nicer than the other Arrco reprints.
  3. Thank you very much, you helped a lot.

    –Anna Harris
  4. The Arrco Tahoe reprints by DealingDeuces are spectacular. I love these cards. Anna, I sat with you and we taught Jeff how to do Cartier at Magic-Con. I wish I had shown you my Tahoe deck. They are really great.
  5. Epic, we gotta chat sometime. I'll check out the reprints on the DealingDeuces website. Thanks again.

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