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  1. My friend, Alex, and his friend Jonathan are coming out with a DVD through NYMP. Check out the teaser..

    PS - if this is against the rules please feel free to lock. I'm just trying to show support for my friend.
  2. i might buy it, how much will it cost
  3. No idea. There isn't even a solid release date yet (estimated December).
  4. Dam if I was still in cards then I would definitely get this. If it's not to much then maybe I will. Good stuff nice bloopers.
  5. This actually looks pretty good. It seems like a nice mix of original effects. Hope to see more details on this.
  6. Would it be possible to get a description on the effects?
    Sorry if that's too much to ask.
  7. Yeah this looks okay.

    I'd love a description of the effects too, actually. I love reading contents lists.

    Yeah, I'm easily pleased...

  8. Looks great
  9. As quoted from Kevin Reylek from NYMP

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    Hey guys. Kevin here, from the New York Magic Project. Thanks for your feedback so far about the teaser video! Alex, Jon, and myself are all very excited about sharing AM/PM with all of you!

    Here's the effect list for each volume:

    VOL 1:

    Between the Backpalms - A spectator's selected card vanishes from the deck and instantly reappears sandwiched between the magician's and spectator's previously empty hands.

    Unlabeled - An ultra-clean Any Card at Any Number routine that can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

    Help - One spectator reads another's mind to reveal a selected card.

    The Domino Effect - A unique take on the Copper/Silver plot. A sugar packet and a Sweet N Low packet transpose between the magician's hand and a spectator's hand. Perfect for table hopping!

    Trio - A surprising multi-phase 3 cards under box routine.

    Morph - A selected card gradually changes color, followed by the whole deck.

    El-Dib - A new look at a classic card effect, but with a killer new ending.

    Papermate - A multi-phase pen routine with a kicker ending that they'll never see coming!

    *Bonus - The Propeller Change - An ultra-visual face-up color change that occurs in mid-air.

    VOL 2:

    4OUR - A quick, visual, and surprising production of four cards.

    AKT I - An instant transposition of two four-of-a-kinds.

    Local - An empty matchbox becomes full in your spectator's hands. They can examine and keep the box and matches!

    Cash Back - After the magician fails to find a selected card, he puts his money on the line in order to prevail.

    Arson - A lighter vanishes into the deck to reveal a card, only to pop back out of the card again.

    Coin Mint - A borrowed, signed quarter winds up in a minty fresh location.

    Switch - The spectator's card and the magician's card visibly switch places in the deck several times in a row. Uses 2 new color changes!

    Under and Out - A selected card vanishes from under the spectator's hand under truly impossible conditions.

    *Bonus - The Kidnapped Control - Invisibly control your spectator's card to the top of the deck.

  11. Wo ho ho!
    Now I'm interested.
  12. You're welcome Kevin =p.

    Thanks for posting the list.
  13. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the replies...and thanks to kevin for posting up the descriptions of the effects. We have been working on this for about 1 year now tweaking everything. It is really important for both Jon and I to give everyone a great DVD ...also a great bang for your buck, which is why these DVDs are jam packed with hours of material! I'll be happy to answer any questions about AM/PM that anyone has.

    Catch me on myspace at

    or my magic myspace at

  14. Congrats on finally getting this out. I wish you best of luck, and will prob pick up a copy. And for everyone else, Alex has some sick stuff.
  15. kind words ..thanks bro...this project will be insane!

  16. Hi everyone. I've been getting some e-mails asking about this project, as well as an exact release date, so I thought I'd share with everyone.

    Editing is close to done on AM/PM. Originally we were keeping our fingers crossed for a mid-December release, but now we're probably looking at sometime in January.

    This has been a massive project, with over 24 hours of raw footage shot, so the editing process has been quite an undertaking. The final length of both DVDs is probably going to be about 5-6 hours! (Combined, not each).

    We'll have some more sneak peek videos for you later this month.

    Thanks for the interest and support for AM/PM!

  17. Looks pretty sweet, plus the effect descriptions seemed insane. Keep us updated on official release and price when you can. Thanks and good job :)
  18. You might tell your friends they should reconsider the title. You can pm for details, but it shares the name with a release that many seem to have very negative feelings about.(More than poor quality) It would be unfair to the creators to have them guilty by association with a product they shouldn't have to be associated with.
  19. Oh snap!

    Brad Henderson is back.
  20. hi

    Brad, thanks for the info...i have been searching for what you mentioned, but couldn't find anything. Unfortunately, the project is in its last stages, so changing the name isn't really an option. Im sure, however, that this after this release, there will be no confusion, since I believe AM/PM stands out from most DVDs :) ...

    Oh and for everyone else...i just got the word from my editor....Each DVD will be about 3 hours long!! I know that we shot a lot of footage but even I was shocked on how much stuff we packed into this project!!

    For more info about AM/PM check out
    Sign up for the newsletter ...we will have cool promotions when the release hits!

    Let me know if you guys have any more questions, im happy to answer them :)


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