New Effect "Pen-e-trate"

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  1. I disagree with you specifically the statement that few effects have justification. If anyone lives by this I can make the presumption that you're lazy.

    Entertain hmm do the impossible? Putting a pen in a bottle without presentation is just that, just differently. It looses its impossibility because it comes off as a puzzle.

    Now back to my first question, does it have to be a pen or could it be a pencil, exacto knife?
  2. I didn't say that's how you should present it, I just said that most effects don't have a good reason as to why. You can always make it seem as if it has a justification with a good presentation.
  3. No it deos not have to be a pen, you can use other objects.
  4. No, what I meant by a reason is that this trick would never flow in a routine. It seems to be a GREAT stand alone effect. But that's what it's a stand alone effect.

    it seems to me very "bottle, pen, bam, pen in bottle" No build or anything

    An ambitous card routine has a build, for some reason the card keeps popping up, and you make it more and more fair each time. My card routine flows one trick into the other, this just seems effect by itself...but that being said it looks amazing, i don't want to take that away form you!
  5. I agree with man effects dont have a reason, and there always doesnt have to be. Sometimes you think you have a good reason but really, its not. There is no reason what so ever to put a pen in a bottle. If you come up with a reason you are trying to hard and it will show. It is just a cool little thing to do (i never saw the demo so dont know what its like).
  6. You as the performer have to build up the suspense in any effect.
    It being a single effect or routine.
    And yes,this isnt for a routine. Then again,when performing freelance at walk around type places I rather do single effects and leave. No routines.
    Makes it much more powerful for the spectator in my mind.
    The old magician image is shaken from their mind and only allows them to think about what happened to them.
  7. you could use pseudo-scientific patter.. the way the molecules line up allows objects to seemingly pass through each other.. incorporate it with card-through- window effects as well..
  8. Hi,

    When do you think the new video will be up? After reading the positive comments I am excited to see it in action!

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