New Guardians = Click Bend

Dec 11, 2007
Just got my first ever deck of gaurdians... Opened it, and it had the infamous click bend :(

Since I usually never ever spring or shuffle custom decks... I was wondering if I could do anything to fix it?

Its also very "sensitive" so if I cut it, there is a HUGE natural break where the cut was..
Sep 1, 2007
I get a bunch of books and put them on top of the decks. I leave them there for a couple weeks and it usually goes away. If it doesn't then, i would just use them as much as i could and i'd go away
Sep 3, 2007
Just play with them. All of my decks do this at some point, but it goes away after a little while. Annoying, but unavoidable in most cases.
Nov 8, 2007
I ordered three decks a while ago and all three also had the click bend. Pretty annoying. I've been playing with one deck around the house for a few weeks and the bend has gone down a lot.
Sep 2, 2007
Stop calling it a click bend it called a warped deck.

No such thing as a click bend...sorry but thats n00b talk


just so people get the right terms.
Oct 16, 2007
stop thinking that every deck will be perfect right from the pack. decks are meant to be used. What matters is how they handle after they've broken in. They're like shoes. Most shoes are not comfortable when you first put your feet in them. You have to walk around and, of course, break them in.

Give it time ...
Oct 24, 2007
Thank God, I thought I was the n00b.

LOL Me too. I was thinking, "What the heck is a click bend!? I've been flourishing for two years and I've never heard of that!" I know what a warped deck is.

Anyway, I usually take a big book and place it on top of the cards, then place a weight on top of that. Leave it there about a week, then they warp should be gone. Or, you can do a bunch of card springs the opposite way!! Peace!

Dec 11, 2007
Sorry... Just didn't know what to call it...

But when I bend it, it clicks. :p

Anyways, thanks for the tips... But this is the first new deck that has done this.
Nov 2, 2007
Who cares about the right term?

I read click bend and I understood straight away what he meant. It's not hard to understand. It's a bend that clicks! WOW THAT WAS HARD LOL

Anyhow I just leave the deck out of the box over night and it's usually gone by then.
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Nov 22, 2007
I believe click bend is a term to describe a deck the is warped badly downwards, but if you were to pull it the other way it would "click" or snap into position. It is extremely hard to get the deck strait, only warped down or up.

I have played around with this and have experimented with taking half the deck, clicking it in, putting it ontop of the the other half and you can make the packet spin. Lol.
Jan 6, 2008
Why are you guys making up 'click bend'

What's wrong with "click bend"? Now that I know what it means, it's perfectly descriptive. I like it.

But "warped cards" could mean this pack of totally trashed Bicycle 808s on my desk; I've been sweating on them all day long, and now they look like rippled potato chips. That's not the same thing at all.

Yeah, I know, I know. I'm ordering better cards on Thursday.
Nov 2, 2007
Why are you guys making up 'click bend' when in reality for warped cards is
'Warped cards' Please stop getting everyone confused


If anything is confusing it's "warped deck". What do you mean by warped? How is it warped?

I guess he didn't know the "right" terms so he made a perfectly good descriptive term to make people understand. Obviously he failed, or you failed more like it.

"click bend" makes so much more sense than "warped deck" when explaining his problem.
Whoa, whoa,

Everyone, just take it down a notch. People call things by different names, Some people call a remote control the "Clicker" I call it a "Remote". Some people buy Ketchup, some by Catsup.

Warped Cards or Click Bend it doesn't matter but, it is describing the same effect which has happened to the cards. So, stay on topic which is how to help the problem, and try not to kill eachother doing it.

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