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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Blink, don't worry, they usually last a LONG time...usually from about 10pm EST to 2:30am EST. That's a pretty large window of opportunity to join in the fun! :)
  2. Hey JM do you know which day DG will be there I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday but not Friday night. The TAOM's that is.

  3. awsome sounds good..
  4. are you guys on now cus its not working for me?
  5. It just went down for some reason.
  6. he stopped broadcasting. easy as that.
  7. Right as I join. Just my luck :( So what are we doing, are we not having a chat?
  8. You should make your room again.
  9. Can we do one now?
  10. What do we do?
  11. we end it for today?

    or you guys can chat. I'm done with stickam for today.
  12. He said he'll be right back, so we should probably wait until he gets back...:)
  13. when did he say that he'd be right back?
  14. Just before he closed it, he said "alright guys, I'll be right back," or something to that effect.
  15. Whose should we meet at?
  16. That was great times again guys [and gal(s)]! :)
  17. I came back I had to eat my pizza lol

  18. oh. oyu wereeatunbg pizza, haha. you could have left the room open/.
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