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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. He didn't know the room closes if you turn off the cam.

  2. oh. O.K. anyways. Anyone up for a good ol chat today? not tonight, but today (so that we can get some people from the U.K. in there as well)
  3. i'll chat dizzi. where?

    did anyone go back on after Justin ate his pizza?
  4. wheres every1 else? idk how it works
  5. sorry. I wasn;t live before. I am live now though

    EDIT: oh, it's at: you must be a memebrr and my friend to join
  6. Yeah...definitely not a PG chat after the pizza, heh. Two words: Bob Saget. Hahaha.
  7. and rick rolls!
  8. too bad i missed it :( danny g ever?
  9. Naw, he was busy. Apparently he's gunna be pretty busy for a while; he has a lot of stuff that he's working on all the time, heh. :)
  10. He was getting ready for TAOM...
    We will get him sometime...
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    Justin what's the name of the trick where you told someone to cut off a small packet of cards and put it to the side and then look at the card that equals the number you cut.

    Are you going on 2night, if not is anyone else?
  12. I believe he said it was a combination of his thoughts and Simon Aronsons - there's 3 variations too; from what I remember him saying.

    It was mental... it was mindblowing-amazing.

    - Sean
  13. also we had a small chat earlier today and he said that he;d chat.
  14. That was a pretty mad effect - despite my connection being super behind, it was really nice :) I saw Katie Anne do something similar, but JM's blew it outta the water! (No off. KA, I love you really :p)

  15. This sounds familiar:
    Sessions with Simon: Volume 1

    Self Control Lie Speller
    The performer finds a card which is merely thought of, in a borrowed shuffled deck, without ever once touching the cards! Simon’s favorite location.

    Is there a chat yet?
  16. Well, Justin miller said that he was going to do on at his channel...
  17. And now we're not live...
  18. yeah what's happening
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