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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Yeah last night was great, we heard some funny stories.

    BTW, Teddy, How's your sister?
  2. I tried to get on at 10:30 and no one was there :(
  3. Ha ha, she's good.

    I'll be able to talk until the chat ends tonight; my sister was in the room across the hall from me and she made me stop last night because she wanted to go to sleep and she could hear me through the wall. I'm not sure why I was talking so loud...
  4. where did you go?
  5. he had to refresh because he couldn't hear anyone, :( he'll be back in a couple of minutes. :)
  6. He's not back yet...
  7. maybe the phone rang again.
  8. He's live! But there are only like 4 people now.
  9. I dont see anything how do i get in the chat?
  10. haha ha ha ha
  11. Around 10ish tonight ( and by 10ish I mean 11) we are live again..

    It's ok its a vacation tonight we DANCE!

  12. woo! scince school is starting for most of us, this hsould become a friday thing only. then it's :Funner (We can talk about stuff that happened during the week) it won;t get old (Too much of a great thing) AND we could get special guests!
  13. We can dance if we want to........ S,s,s,s, A,a,a,a,F,f,f,f, sorry, I couldn't resist.
    See yo fella's later.
  14. 11 is in about 40 minutes right? >_>

    - Sean
  15. Well that depends. If Justin meant 10 eastern, then it would be 9 central, so yeah 40 minutes. But if he meant 11 eastern, well then we're talking an hour and 40 minutes. I believe he meant the latter, but then again, we don't know if he's been drinking, so.........

  16. Either way, I'll be there. :)
  17. This whole thing has become very popular. Its great to see such a renowned artist taking the time out of his schedule to talk with fans and fellow magicians. Maybe I'll actually stop by for once... ;)

    Keep rockin',
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    is it ten eastern time when it will start?
  19. Good to know, thanks!

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