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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. actually Milkler said tenish, then he sad (More around 11)
  2. In about 30 min..11 pm

  3. he is not live and its 11:30
  4. he is love now!
  5. did we get knocked off
  6. Will Justin chat today?? (I mean open his stickam room for us) xD
  7. There goes my perfect attendance award, was there a chat last night.
  8. I'm pretty sure there was no chat last night (I checked at 10pm and 11:30pm EST and JM wasn't online, let alone hosting a chat).

    So, it looks like we've both got our perfect attendance records intact. ;)

    Edit: While I'm here, I would like to echo something that was brought up in one of the previous chats (I think by Dizzi, but I could be wrong)...I'd like to suggest that the chats only be on Friday and/or Saturday nights (whenever JM can and wants to, of course). This is because with school starting up, it would be more worthwhile to only have the chats when the majority of people would be able to attend (ie. Non-school nights). Also, like was mentioned in the chat, it would feel like more of a treat if the chat was only once and a while like that.

    Just something to think about. :)
  9. Yes, it was me that propesed that we have it weekly. not to mention that way we can organize weekly special guests.
    So when is there going to be another chat? Friday? Saturday?
    We could do Friday and Saturday.
  11. This has gotten to be really awesome. I would love it if these chats continued to be held. Maybe a set night at a set time maybe we can have these chats. Would be fun. ;)

  12. They should have a special thing on t11 for it, like the saturday night contest, it would be like the Saturday Night Chat with Justin Miller. Or SNC JM Edition.
  13. I'm not exactly sure how connected JM is to Theory 11. He posts sometimes and is friends with Danny Garcia. To my knowledge that's about it.


  14. Well i guess he's not, but we can still call it that (SNC JM Edition).
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    I was there talking through text and you suddenly went offline.:p


    EDIT: It's live again guys.
  16. Fun chat all around guys. Justin, you have some awesome magic. I'll get going on the plans. I'll see what happens. Even if we can't make the exact plans happen, we can still do these chats.

    JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS! Live chats with Justin every

    Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. On Fridays... he will have what I'll call an FNC. ;) He will be giving away a prize. Think of it as a non Theory 11 SNC but on Friday. ;) These chats will start at 10 PM EST. See you there.

    Are you ready? :D


    EDIT: I took 2 screen grabs of the chat. I'll put them up in a sec.
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