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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Man I love these live video chats. ;) I'm in Florida so I can't really participate in these. (Internet is VEEEERY slow... not gonna bother trying.) I find these very entertaining. Also yes..... we need to get DG on there sometime. ;) Hope we keep having these. I like them a lot.

  2. I just got in from a long day, are we doing a chat tonight?
  3. My guess is yes from how he phrased a response to a message I sent him. But that could just be wishful thinking on my part :p

    These things rock :D

  4. I gotta say yesterday ROCKED, it would be cool if one of t11 artists can go and join us for one night :p
  5. yeah. if we could get a guest in? that would be sweet.

    The first ever rickroll over a phone happened! And teddy grahm(sp?) theatre!
  6. was late and seemed like the thing to do, and I feel kinda bad I woke up his kids...

    Teddy Grahm theatre rocked! Also, don't forget JM showed us his ninja skills!

  7. Yeah and the thingy to guess the name of the cookies damn
  8. Last night's chat was seriously of epic proportions. :D

    - Sean
  9. Definately. wait...thrall...that was YOU? well, Thrall accidentally put his phone-number on there :p I was SOO tempted to cxall it, but my parents would be like 'whos this, and why did you call him?' when they looked at the phone bill
  10. Heh, yea, it was me :p

    No, that wasn't my phone number I posted.

    That was the rejection hotline number. I wanted to see how many people would call it if I told them not to, hehe. I see it at least tempted one person. ;)

  11. Did that cost you or him any money to do it?
    I know the website, but I'm not sure if it's trust worthy enough to give them a phone number.
  12. For Justin, I just called him and played Rick Astley into my speakerphone :p

    The rejection hotline is free, but long distance may cost you ;)

    I dont actually know what site you are talking about if it isnt the rejection hotline...

  13. It's not rejection hotline, it's
  14. I was just wondering, is there going to be another chat tonight? I haven't heard any official word on this yet.

    (Also, JM, if you haven't already then check your Private Messages please :))
  15. i haven't heard either, hopefully there is one, they are so much fun!! :)
  16. I think last night the overall consensus was that we would do it again the next night. Just wait for Justin, he'll post if we are doing it again.

  17. Once again our nightly ritual is in effect..
  18. Last night's chat was crazy awesome!

    Justin was really busting my chops.

  19. Last night's chat was indeed awesome. I'll definitely be there tonight! :)
  20. I might jump on tonight, although it probably won't be for long. I have an early flight, I have to leave for the airport at 6 a.m.

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