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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Not sure but in past post's by Mr. Miller stated that there would be tonight on stickam:

    He hasn't said anything since this afternoon so I am not sure if it is still happening.​
  2. hey all. scince no time has been given. we can jam at my stickam room until further notice:

    Note: You must be a member to join!
  3. Apparently a member who's under 18, or is on your friend list. That's the message I got, anyway.
  4. it should be fixed now....
  5. Yeah, it works now.

    But, I'm multi-tasking a bit too much to join at the moment. Just thought I'd try it to let you, and others, know whether or not it works.
  6. thanks. the room is mainly to hang out until Justin gives us a definate time. EVERYONE IS INVITED!
  7. I'll be on in a second, I'm registering now.
  8. is justin going to be on?
  9. we don't know. he didn't give a time, so we're just hanging out in my room
  10. weres ur room? is he suppose to be on tonight?
  11. my room is:

    I don;t know if Miller will be there, but he said that he wanted another chat tonight...
  12. what happened dizzi your gone (im magicmike) there is an age restriction now or something
    edit nevermind i guess you fixed it :D
  13. sorry, internet hiccuped
  14. Guys, Justin Miller never said he would be doing a chat tonight. He said we should do this again, but somewhere else. Hopefully next time we do this, things will go better for us.

  15. No I want to do one tonight..I am there now.

    Justin N. Miller
  16. What chat room are you at?
  17. Yes you did it said

  18. Guys, go to for chat. It's restricted unless you are his friend. Just add Dizzi as a friend and you'll be able to join.

  19. I cannot get on because it is limited to 17 and under..ummm I am a little over 17
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