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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. What's a HL account?

    Anyway i think my account works but i don't know where your link goes to.

    Is this kinda where you want to go:
  2. So when I finally managed to get back in, all I heard was: Justin saying "All respect to Joel Pascal but I believe that..." PS@(!*&^%THSD FAIL!

    and then I gave up.

    I suppose the chat had something to do with death to the undercut?

  3. Me too but it doesn't have to do with death to the double undercut it has to do with believe.
    He has his own version and he was showing it but it kicked me out once he started to show the trick :(.
  4. I got to see the trick :)

    btw, how many people can go in a stickam room at once
  5. any amount. but only seven can have cam's.
  6. He was teaching us His version of Believe, I think it was me and some other guy and justin who was only in the room...
  7. I'm jealous. :(...

  8. I was there when he was showing his version of believe, and kinda discussed about it xD, but then I understood why he does what he does ;).. so which is going to be the room for tonight?

    P.S. It was cool xD when he was talking everyone was just quiet paying attention xD like a classroom or something
  9. There is no room for tonight.:p Chat's done. In all honesty... I would hate to do another one of these chats on Mebeam. It just doesn't work well. Keeps kicking people off, people lag INSANELY... It's just crazy. We'll have to use Stickam next time. For the short amount of time most of us were on Stickam, there wasn't any lag. The only problem there was that 2 people kept giving off a very high screeching sound which was obnoxious. So we just muted them. =P

  10. The IRC is always there. >_> *plug*

    - Sean
  11. I'm in the IRC a lot of the time. I recommend you guys check it out. Great place.

  12. I was there, and thats why I left the stickthingy, but a room where we can use webcams, try stickthingy sinful, and tell justin to go there.. but chatting without cams its not that good :(
  13. yea and in stickthingy, you only turn on cam temporarily if you have something to say so that we dont have to watch everyone's random fans and sybils and whatnot.
  14. I'll definitely be there if it's tonight. Hopefully DG will be there.

    BTW Justin, can you think of a name for my concept/trick/thing?
  15. What about using Ventrilo or Teamspeak? Can't use a webcam but at least its voice chat.

    2 cents
  16. Definitely man! I wasn't near a computer last night at the right time.

    Will this work for a Macbook?
  17. Dude, It wasn't people making that high screeched noise, it was a fault somewhere. I did it(supposedly) and I have literally no mic input whatsoever.
  18. It's a yes. :)

    Also, for those using a Mac who are interested int he IRC channel, we can't use mIRC (since it's Windows only)--but, you may want to look into Colloquy. It's a great IRC client for Macs.
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    so what time ton ight? I can setup a room...

    EDIT: Oh yeah. I think that only people with mics should go on cam... as well as you need an account to get on camera. but it';s free.
  20. Where will it be held and at what time?
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