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    Hey guys,

    I am a huge procrastinator, and have been bugging myself to make a website for the longest time. My biggest drawback was the fact that I need photos for my site, which meant going to a professional photographer. So recently, I found that Michael Matthews, a local magician and photographer in LA, was doing a deal on headshots for magicians. So, I said screw it, and went with it. Michael is a great guy, and the whole process was awesome.

    So I have just started on my website, and it is about a quarter of the way there so far. I have the homepage finished, and am working on the about page now. I would love your comments and critiques.

    UPDATE- Website is now finished (more or less). I need to revise some of the test on the home and about page, tidy up the Shows and photos page, but other than that- I am very proud of it. Designed it all in iWeb, and didn't use a template- all from scratch.

    Thanks guys!

  2. looking good bro.
  3. When I am viewing your "About" page I can't click on any of the other pages from the Navigation Bar. Good site design, looks very stylish and elegant.
  4. It doesn't look bad. You're probably going to want to cut the fat out of what you've written, I can PM you a sample of what I would try to do. I would also edit the 'about' section, it's not a bad bio, but just trim it some (your clients don't need to know you started out with beginner, self working tricks...just that you started studying at age 8).

    I wouldn't mind giving you a sample of what I would take out, through PM's, you're website looks amazing (better than a lot of websites I've seen, not just magicians but in general), just need to work on what you say.

    Don't take me wrong either, I was less competent as a writer when I was 14. :)
  5. Yeah I know, I deleted the actual Navigation bar apple supplies in iWeb and have to make each word on each page a hyperlink. That will happen soon enough :)
    Thanks, I do agree about the text, when I am finished with my bio, I will have my Dad help me edit it, he is a writer.

    Thanks for the Feedback guys!

  6. Sounds good, can't wait to see the finished product.
  7. Thw website looks nice and is well on it's way, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Just a question though do you do any performing outside of the magic castle or are you strictly a hobbyist?
  8. It looks great!
  9. I do walk-around and birthday parties as well, that info will also be on the site soon.
  10. I thinks it looks great so far. You might want to get rid of the "enter" page as I can't see that it has a purpose. If people want to see your site, I'm sure they have no reason to see the "enter" page. But hey, it obviously isn't a problem. Just don't see the reason for it. Awesome site over all.
  11. Hey man. Looks good!

    However I agree with the guy above me -- in webdesign, one of the first things you learn is don't tease the user. Don't make me work to get to the content! Therefor, a splash page isn't needed. Your page is nice enough as it is that it can do without!


  12. Looking nice and professional in many respects, and many props for being a regular performer at the Magic Castle - very impressive!

    The only thing I would really want to change is the bit about the "laughable" steriotype of magic; whilst you are certainly allowed to feel that way, its not professional to critisise other magicians, even by implication.

    "As a representative of the next generation of magicians, my aim is to push the boundaries of what you might expect from a magic act...and show you magic as you've never seen it before!"

    It says more or less the same thing, but is a positive statement about YOU as opposed to a negative statement about OTHERS. Much more appealing to people who may well be potential clients!

  13. I agree with that, except for the exclamation point at the end. (sorry, I just can't handle those things)

    I would also second the advice about getting rid of the enter page. Those serve no purpose.

    Looks great so far, good luck.
  14. nice website very elegant. i was thinking about starting one for myself actually
  15. Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. I think I might get rid of the enter page, it is a bit unnecessary. Keep em coming!

  16. Zach,
    Looks real nice man but I am going to definitely say ditch the enter "hello" screen. Looks really cheezy.

    Once you get to your home page it gets down to business and look very top notch. Love the colors and photos.

    Bio is a tad long but you've already heard that from others.

    Keep plugging away and you will have a great looking sight. You're well on your way. I like it.
  17. Nice job zach, its coming along really great. Did you make it on iweb?
  18. Yessir, thanks.
  19. Great look and design Zach!

    In terms of the text, it may help to think of it like your resume. You want your clients to see what you can offer them. Discussing your age on the front page may be a deterrent for someone at first glance, so perhaps save it for your bio/about page. On the homepage, put text that will tell the client what benefits they will get from hiring you, what you will add to their event, and/or why they 'need' to have your service.

    Great photos!

  20. Expressing my feeling towards this would be a bit harsh.
    Im a hit you up with a PM.


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