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  1. First off, I hope I wont get a one sided answer just becuase Im posting this on theory11.

    Im trying to decide wether I should buy the trilogy DVD set or the Ninja 2 DVD. All opinions are welcome and appreciated.

    ~Steven Soler
  2. Ninja 2= no
    Trilogy= yes
  3. simple and sweet, I guess. :)
    if any should have objections let them speak now or forever hold their peace
  4. If you want stolen, poorly explained, basic card tricks taught by a guy with skill level of a hobbyist then get the Ninja.

    If you want new, creative, visual, and hardcore sleight of hand action taught by two amazingly talented artists then get the Trilogy.

  5. 0.0 . . .

    Whoa. Ok. Talk about a persuasive statement. Thanks.
  6. The Trilogy really is awesome, I really don't even think you can compare the two :p
  7. It's like comparing an F-15 and a paper aeroplane... get the Trilogy, hands down.
  8. Can you tell me which effects were stolen like you claim? Can you show me where credit isn't given?

    Have you mastered the pass and all its variations? You call the pass a basic sleight? How about Marlo's miracle switches/vanishes? You call that stuff basic?

    Poorly explained? Then perhaps you have a tough time following instructions. The explanations are very good and you won't have any trouble following them.

    And who the hell are you to talk about skill level? Do you know Brad personally? Do you know what he can/cannot do? People like you are stuck to one place because of hype and all the fancy stuff surrounding it. You just follow wagging your tails.

    Verify your facts before taking a cheap jab at something you know nothing about.

    As for the original question, take a look at the contents of both the trilogy and ninja. Find out what you would like to learn and what you would like to focus on. If you're more into cardistry and flourishing there's a separate disc on that. If you want more magic you have two choices. Search for reviews and make your decision.

    And what reasons do you have for such a statement? Nothing wrong in saying you don't like something but without a reason it makes no sense.

  9. I personally would get The Trilogy since it has so many good flourishes and sleights for you to put into your own routine. Ninja 2 is basically all passes with a few cool things put in.

    Btw, arvindj227

    Are you saying Ineski doesn't know the basic passes? Bloody hell, you've been living under a rock. Go watch his video's and come back and tell me he can't do anything.
  10. Read properly. I never said he didn't know them.
  11. I have never seen Ninja 2, but from the trailers, it looks quite good. I'm sure there are many moves on it to learn.

    The Trilogy I own, and there are many moves on it, but it takes a lot of practice before you can get them down.
    • The Tricks DVD is very good with a lot of cool tricks, but Dan and Dave go quite quick, so you will have to rewind and pause to see what they are doing before you get all the moves down.
    • The Flourish DVD has quite a bit of flourish moves but Dan and Dave don't talk, they show you with their hands and sometimes there will be text popping up telling you where you fingers are supposed to be.
    • The Everything Else DVD is quite cool. There are many moves on including color changes, deck maneuvers, and some classic flourishes.

    I would say get The Trilogy, but remember all the moves on the DVD require practice.

    I hope I could help!
  12. i think when you're at a point where you really have to think wheather to buy the trilogy or ninja 2, you should get ninja 2, and get back to the trilogy when you know what magic, ellusionist, dan and dave and all those things stand for.
  13. Ninja or´s hard to compare them.

    Both of them got their content. And Both of the contents are cool in their own way.
    So i would say it depends not on the DVDs depends on your Skill level and your "style".

    Ninja is cool. No doubt. But for me personally´s not my kind of style. I never use the Pass for example....

    I like the Buck style more....i think the magic style of the twins is probably the best in the world. This is just an opinion, so don´t be angry with me ;)
    But i prefer VISUAL Magic....i don´t like TnRs or these card to wallet things...and i DISLIKE gimmicks.....for me it is important, that cards a changing place/face in front of the spectator or that cards travel invisibly....magic has to be "in your face" for me.
    So I definitly prefer the Trilogy.

    But as I depends on your skilllevel, too.

    If you are new to magic for a couple of days, weeks or months....trilogy WILL be really hard for you. There will come a time, where you regret the 80 bucks ;)
    And the Flourishes DVD as well......Ninja don´t even got a flourishing if you like to learn flourishes..the Trilogy would be the right choise for you.....wouldnt it?...I dunno.....The Flourishes of Trilogy are HARDCORE! And I MEAN that.

    If your new in flourishing and didn´t even catch a short look at The System ...Trilogy will break your Fingers within a few days ;)

    There are some Flourishes, like the Erdnase Go Around or the Molecule 4, which will come a little easier but Pandora for example.....
    Almost every flourish I was starting to learn in the past...I came through it after .....max. 2 Days...and than i was able to perfect them ....but Pandora for example.....5 Days now....i´m practising like a .......DARNIT! and i´m not even through phase 1 of the Pandora :) (plz help me ^^)

    But anyway I love the cut.

    And I love the depends on what YOU want to learn and how high your skill level is already set, to decide, which DVD fits to you.

    Hope i was able to help ya.

  14. look let me compare the 2 like you said since i have both.
    TRILOGY: 6 hours long, 12 great effects, awesome fourishes, productions, not to mention the slieghts are so cool that i instantly applied them to my own routines. dan and dave do a great job teaching also. plus its one of those dvds you watch over and over again. i highly recomend it.

    NINJA2: a little over 1 hour long. nothing on it is original material. its basicaly just applications to the pass and different ways to cover them. the marlo change thing is seriously the only thing i have used from it. plus i hope you can do the pass in the first place because its not taught in ninja 2, only ninja one. plus the classic pass isnt explained very well then either. i learned it but it took me a while. towards the end of the dvd however there are a few ok tricks such as ambitious card, a triumph, and some mentalist effects. none of which are original.

    verdict: get the trilogy, the price is well worth it. almost none of the stuff there is from other any other place i have ever seen. it also shows some really cool utility moves like flashy double lifts and awesome color changes.
  15. i personally own both the ninja set and the trilogy i didnt find ninja 2 good for any thing the only thing good taught was a triumph routine. But trust me the trilogy is better and u will get more for your money.
  16. I think if Kotsu posted this topic in the ellusionist forums, he would get a totally different response.

    However, I wouldnt reccomend the trilogy if you're new to magic or flourishes. Get some basic dvds for magic first. Or maybe read a book. Or you can just go ahead and get the trilogy anyway, but I think it's gonna be a really bumpy road if you dont even have certain basics down.

  17. the trilogy is alottt better...
  18. True because Ninja 2 was one of the first dvds I started as new to magic.

    It did help somewhat but I think if you are more advanced than get The Trilogy, If you are still basicly new to magic get some books as Daren said then work your way up to harder things.

    Well, I do not think you should start with ninja 2 or anything from Ellusionist. Probably some books.

    I will admit I was so hyped up about the Trilogy I bought when I was relitively new to magic. Only recently in the past few months I have been able to understand a majorady(sp?) of the flourishes and a couple others.


    New to magic- Ninja 2
    Been into magic a while- Trilogy
  19. True, if you are a beginner, trilogy will be hard for you. I'd recommend Ninja 2, because it has more basic stuff.
    On the other hand, trilogy is something new, more complex sleights and stuff.
  20. trilogy all the way

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