Ninja 2 vs Trilogy

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  1. I don't own the Trilogy, but I do own Ninja 2. It does have a few great passes to use, and sleights that will definitely improve your performance - but it isn't explained enough. Brad just sweeps over the different moves quite quickly. I was quite disappointed.

    Personally, I'd get the Trilogy, based on reviews I've heard.
  2. both of them are good i have both and i personally think trilogy is better but for spectators "simple things" hit hard like in ninja ..

    NINJA you can get a faster success if you buy ninja and great reactions

    TRILOGY you have to learn more and the reactions are alsoo very good but but more difficult trick isnt automatically a better trick for layman peoples ...
    +flourishes +everything else

    so trilogy is better imo ( more stuff / good stuff ) but hell you have to work on it hard..
  3. So why can't you talk about Brad skills just because you don't know him personally? I'm sure we have all seen Brad do stuff, and if we havn't its all a matter of an easy youtube seach.
    Don't you think that watching him perform gives you and idea of how good he is?

    I've seen Brad do alot of stuff and I would say that his skill level is rather low.
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    I'd say the Trilogy, I'd pay twice as much for it if I had to! Ninja vs Trilogy is Mouse vs The USA.
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    It all really depends on your skill level... But i'd say trilogy
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