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No Criss Angel?

Without David Blaine or Criss Angel, perhaps we could get back to real, off-the-cuff impromtu magic. The type of magic that involves acual skill and not the magic of Imove or Final Cut Pro, or Adobe After Affects.

Perhaps, we could see some real talent like Copperfield come and revive their TV specials with their large scale stunts, instead of relying on an almost too obvious stooge planted in a crowd of onlookers.

And perhaps maybe magic would be a bit more of a mystery to the world of the layman. Because without these modern people such as Angel, perhaps the magician would still be a shadow to the world. A magician would stll be the generic idea of a man with coatails and a top hat who pulls rabbits from a hat. And maybe if that was the case... we could become the new blaines and angels. Because with that common stereotypical image of magicians, perhaps a person might be aghast to have a stranger pull out a deck of cards and utterly amaze them.

If only... If only....

However Blaine and Angel do exist with their large scale stunts, drawing people into the "new generation of magic". So the question really shouldn't be "What if they didn't exist?" but instead "How can we strive to be better than them, and how can we create the "new new generation of magic?

We are a simple group of hobbiests who, had we lived in the twenties, could have struck people into awe with our ambitous cards, tarantulas, and uncanny ability to pass a card thru a window. But we don't live in the twenties. Instead we live in a time where real pure magic is being over taken by cheap camera tricks, and deceptive actors in a crowd of spectators.

We are the students of a past generation, and rivals of a new generation. We live between the past and present, and we need to overcome the new generation, and become better. We students, must surpass our masters... and there's no where to go but up. So take it day by day and try to improve and amaze more than angel and blaine and may be one day that'll be you on TV, after all...

"People focus too much on with what was, and with what will be. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But is a gift, and that's why we call it the present."

Dylan P.
Criss Angel is often looked down upon in the magic community, and for good reason. You can't bring up the name Criss Angel in the company of magicians without starting an argument about how "he's ruining magic!", "he just uses camera tricks!", or "I know magicians better than him!" The truth is, Criss Angel is a Genius. Without him, magic could have died a long time ago, or at least it would be VERY different than it is today. In the days of MTV, rap music, and the Grand Theft Auto video games, the world was getting obsessed with the idea of being "cool," and as much as we try to deny it, magic was never cool before Criss Angel. Society changes, and with it, art changes as well.

I remember the days before I got into magic, I was always a weird kid. I remember sitting in my friends living room playing texas hold 'em poker. My friend turned on the TV, and I saw some emo guy, sitting on a couch with a couple other men, playing with his pet rat. My young eyes then witnessed, right there in my friends home, a man EAT A FREAKING RAT ALIVE, then he proceeded to do some sort of prediction thing. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, I was so fascinated. My friend ended up having to turn off the TV so we could get back to our game of poker. I didn't start magic until a year or two after that, but I can't hap but think that experience sparked something inside me, not because I wanted to learn the secrets, but because seeing magic in that context made it "my kind of thing." How many other people have been inspired by this strange man? Without him, I might not be a magician today. Without him, Theory11 itself might not be here at all today.

It occurs to me that I might sound like a "fanboy" at this time, and let me make it very clear that I'm not a fan of Criss Angel. But people really should think about how Criss has actually made our lives easier. He brought magic to the public, made it cool, and made it inspirational.

P.S. Hi!
Jun 14, 2008
Las Vegas
Holy God.... stop the whining and complaining. I'm happy as all hell that those guys are doing exactly what they are doing. Why? Because frankly I'm good. I have nothing to worry about when it comes to me and competing with camara tricks. I'm right there.

I haven't gotten more or less gigs because of those two, or the next guy to come out.

And I disagree, Criss Angel hasn't killed or brought back magic. All he's done is make more Criss Angel fans, not magic fans. The people that go to see BeLIEve don't go to see a magic show. They go to see Criss Angel.

Even with the Derren Browns and Cyrils of the world I would still peform off the cuff / impromptu magic my own way. I've never, ever, ever, ever, ever done a trick at an event or show and then have it ruined by some kid wanting to see some camara trick style trick. You know why? Because my show isn't Burger King, and the audience can not have it their way. I do my routine. My tricks. The stuff I know that will amaze, entertain and make them laugh their asses off. Angel's existence didn't influence, detract or improve my business.

He is just someone that people can compare me to.

You have choices in comedians, politicians, bodybuilders, and even porn stars. Now people have choices in Magicians. Question is, what are YOU doing to stop the myth.

~ still the Ghetto Houdini
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