No flourishing at the dinner table.

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  1. like tyler said its not very fun, but i have no problem meeting girls because i went a a public school for a few moths and met plenty of people.
    I get to get up late and finish early, its a win win. The school im associated with is a private school and next year i can play basketball for them even know im homeschooling, so im excited
  2. haha i hear yuh bro
  3. thats exactly what i do!!

  4. Yes it is!
  5. This has turned into a conversation about homeschooling. I reckon it'd be cool at first, but I have no idea what I'd do with the free time, at least my mgic would get awesome.
  6. Simple: get a hobby!

    You'll find that homeshcoolers never get bored, I am an artist at finding fun stuff to do.
  7. Actually, I said it was fun. Attest means to give witness too. ;) Peace!

  8. I get told to put my cards away in class all the time, I stopped even thinking about taking them out because I am in 10th grade and I need to pul my GPA up to 3.5
  9. oh haha my bad, i mean the fact your by yourself a big portion of the day is not fun.
  10. Next time simply point out that in the rules it simply states no gambling or card games. And since you were doing neither that the rule doesn't apply to you. That is what I did and now I am free to use cards in school. I showed them the rules in the handbook and it said, I quote:

    "Playing Cards: No Gambling or Card games such as poker, blackjack, etc. on school property."

    Then the teachers realized that they were just generallizing the rule. Now, we're cool. If you don't want to do that then get a huge crowd to andthat way the teachers can't see you.
  11. i thought that would work, but in our rule book it says "no playing cards aloud"
    stupid huh
  12. Some of my teachers let me have them out at times, while others flip out if they see even the card case!
  13. I just got schooled about homescholl lol.
  14. Anyway, I been told heaps of times by my Mum to "Put the cards down and do something useful!". Also my cards have been banned from my brothers room. Thats about it.

  15. lol I got told by my civics teacher when we were doing a simulation of congress
    "Represnetatives in the house don't play card games"
    that was pretty good. I said they should, cause they probably get bored.
    Substitute teachers hate them too. I always get threatened to have them taken away by them
  16. That's basically me :p
  17. haha the only time my parents say anything about me having cards out, is at the dinner table, and when im throwing them at my siblings =D

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